Past Tense Of Hang – Hanged Or Hung?

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Hang?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, hang past tense can be hung or hanged. “Hung” is used in most cases. Its most common meaning is to attach something at the top and let the below part free.

Is hanged the past tense of hang? Yes, but what is the difference between hanged and hung? The answer is that we only use hanged as a past tense of hang when it comes to someone sentenced to death by hanging.

In addition to hang in past tense, below are other tense forms of hang that our team has compiled:

Simple Present He/She/It hangs

I/You/We/They hang

Present Continuous He/She/It is hanging

I am hanging

You/We/They are hanging

Present Perfect He/She/It has hung/hanged

I/You/We/They have hung/hanged

Present Perfect Continuous He/She/It has been hanging

I/You/We/They have been hanging

Simple Past He/She/It/I/You/We/They hung/hanged
Past Continuous I/He/She/It was hanging

You/We/They were hanging

Past Perfect He/She/It/I/You/We/They had hung/hanged
Past Perfect Continuous He/She/It/I/You/We/They had been hanging
Simple Future He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall hang
Future Continuous He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall be hanging
Future Perfect He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall have hung/hanged
Future Perfect Continuous He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall have been hanging

To know how to correctly pronounce “hung or hanged”, you can watch this video to have native speakers’ accents:


According to the Macmillan dictionary, the IPA transcription of “hung” is /hʌŋ/, and of hanged is /hæŋd/. The past participle of hang is also hanged or hung, so they’re pronounced the same as the past tense for hang. The table below can make it clearer.

Form of word Pronunciation 
hang /hæŋ/ /hæŋ/
hung/hanged /hʌŋ/




hung/hanged /hʌŋ/




Definitions And How To Use Hung/Hanged?

The English verb hang has the following meanings:

Example: The activists hung a banner from the roof of the building. Through that campaign, they wanted to get more people involved in their activities.

Example: My grandmother’s hair hanged down to her waist. I was amazed when I see that smooth, healthy long hair.

Example: They’re speaking Spanish, aren’t they?

Example: My heart flutters when I see branches hung heavy with snow. Another warm Christmas season has come again with family members.

Example: She hanged herself after her husband and child were lost in an accident.

Example: You hung with his family last week, didn’t you?

Example: The hawk hung in the air for a while then plunged to grab its prey.

Example: It just hung while being downloaded to the computer.

The past tense of hang is used to describe an action that happened before the time of speaking.


You may have heard the birdsong every morning when you woke up. At that time, the smoke from the houses hung above the village.


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Past Tense Of Hang

Choose the correct verb tense to fill in the blanks:

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Bill: Have you …… your hat on the clothes rack yet?

Jim: Yes. You don't always have to remind me like that. I'm not a kid anymore.

Bill: That's what you think. In my eyes, you are always a child.

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The smoke …… in the air around the village early in the morning when I woke up. It's the smoke that rises from the bread ovens early in the morning that I used to get up early to see, but now it's gone.

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Gilbert: Do you wanna come …… with me? I just discovered a new cake recipe and want you to taste it.

Anne: Of course! Then can I bring some cake for Jinny? Her parents are on a business trip, so she's home alone.

Gilbert: No problem!

4 / 5

She has lost 10 kg in the last 2 months and the old suit …… loosely on her. Her efforts and hard work have paid off.

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I don't know who took my blueberry jacket. I …… it on the hook yesterday afternoon but can't find it now.

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What Are Synonyms And Antonyms Of Hang?

Common synonyms of “hang” are: attach, bend, cover, dangle, decorate, drape, drift, flap, float, hold, hover, lean, pin, remain, stay up, stick, swing, wave, cling, droop, drop, fasten, fix, flop, furnish, impend, incline, loll, lop, lower, and overhang.

Settle, sink, ascent, rise, upgrade, uphill, and uprise are named antonyms of “speak”.

Is Hanged A Word?

No. Many people are confused about the fact that the word “hanged” is a single word with a complete meaning. However, it does not belong to any of the four main word classes: verbs, nouns, adjectives or adverbs. It’s just a form of the verb hang in past tense.

It can make a sentence complete, but alone it will not be a complete word. Hope you find this explanation clear.