Past Tense For Input: Inputed or Inputted? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense For Input?

What is the past tense of input? Like “let” in the past tense, “input” holds a similar structure regarding its infinitive form, past simple (V3), and even past participle one (V3). For details, three tenses come with one spelling: I-N-P-U-T.

Still, you may not know that “inputted” is another form in the past simple and past participle of “input,” yet it’s less common.

This table will illustrate these irregular verb forms in five dependent variables: 

Base Form/To-infinitive (V1) input
Present Form (V2) inputs
Past Form (V3) input/inputted
Past Participle Form (V4) input/inputted
Present Participle/Gerund/Subjunctive Verb Form (V5) inputting

Catch up with how the tense verb forms via this brief video:

Furthermore, are you interested in learning about the 12 forms of tense verb “input”? Check out this webpage to distinguish between active and passive voices.

How Do You Spell This Verb? 

As seen in the Oxford English Dictionary, you can get insights into enunciating this verb in British and American English accents. To save your time, take a peek at this table:

Form of word Pronunciation
British English American English
Input /ˈɪnpʊt/ /ˈɪnpʊt/
Inputs /ˈɪnpʊts/ /ˈɪnpʊts/
Input (V2 + V3) /ˈɪnpʊt/ /ˈɪnpʊt/
Inputted (V2 + V3) /ˈɪnpʊtɪd/ /ˈɪnpʊtɪd/
Inputting /ˈɪnpʊtɪŋ/ /ˈɪnpʊtɪŋ/

What Is The Meaning Of Input Past Tense?

Input has only one meaning, as follows. Check it out:

Definition: to put information into a computer.


  • As I input specified data, the entire file closed, and the process terminated on the spot.
  • The employee had input the wrong data into the system; then, the machine broke down utterly.

Quick Exercises For Correcting Verb In Input Questions

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Past Tense For Input

For fostering your language skills, these shorter sentences should be off to a great start:

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It ………. information for you and allows you to add anything you want.

2 / 7

Genealogy databases have information on individuals that the user can access by ………… a name or keyword.

3 / 7

After ………… your starting point and destination, take a look at the map and you'll notice that the service finds routes like you might do when planning a road trip vacation.

4 / 7

If output is not given, it defaults to ……….., errors may be given to define the error handling.

5 / 7

The AERADE team has just ………….. specific date of this project by generating the online aviator tutorial.

6 / 7

You begin by ………… a starting point, a destination, and travel dates.

7 / 7

Many computers with Microsoft Office Suite also feature helpful resume "wizards" that simply prompt you to ………. certain information..

Your score is

The average score is 86%



Broaden your common knowledge with some forms in questions and question responses:

Is This Word Just A Verb?

No. “Input” also takes a role as a noun in English (like the word “deal”). Hungry for the meanings of its noun? Here’s the answer:

  • A means or place for data, electricity, etc., to enter a system or machine.
  • The information someone puts in; the act of placing information into a device.
  • You put knowledge, time, ideas, etc., into a project or work. 

Inputted Or Input?

As stated above, although “input” comes from “put,” the past tense verb “putted” is seldom used; either “inputted” or “input” are acceptable alternatives. 

Is Inputed A Word?

“Inputted” has meaning, not “inputed”. In fact, “input” comes from the less common “put,” both “inputted” and “input” are correct past tense verb. 

Both “input” and “inputs” are correct plurals for the word “input,” which may refer to data entered into a computer or to the advice of a trusted friend, among other uses. You also have the answer to the “inputted definition” in English.

What Is The Verb For Input?

Input is a transitive verb. “Inputted”, “input”, and “inputting” are the past simple or past participle and gerund of this verb, respectively. The meaning is entering data into a system or computer.

Why Do People Use Input?

It has two definitions. First, it’s a verb or adjective to input information into a computer or system. The other is a noun implying giving an opinion or personal information.

Is Input Plural Or Singular?

While “inputs” is the preferred plural form when referring to software requirements, “input” is acceptable regarding thoughts and observations of one’s peers.