Past Tense For Let: Easy Or Tricky To Employ?

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense For Let?

Let in past tense is similar to its base form. You can spell it L-E-T, and no changes come in the verb in this tense. The same goes with the let past participle that we call “let”, too.

Here is a summary table depicting five different forms of the verb:

Base Form/To-infinitive (V1) let
Present Form (V2) let/lets
Past Form (V3) let
Past Participle Form (V4) let
Present Participle/Gerund (V5) letting

Look at this brief video to clarify the way to use the verb “let” correctly.

Eager to know how “let” forms in 12 tenses in English? Navigate to this webpage for the ins and outs of both active and passive voices.

How Do You Spell This Verb? 

To learn more about the English verb’s pronunciation, both in American English and British accents, see the Oxford English Dictionary. Take a look at the table below:

Form of word


British English

American English
let /let/



/letz/ /lɛtz/
let /let/



/let/ /lɛt/
letting /ˈletɪŋ/


Look at this brief video to clarify the way to pronounce the verb correctly.

What Is The Meaning Of Let? – Examples And How To Use

Now that you’ve grabbed the past tense of let. Look at the definition of this verb in the dictionary online. These definitions and instances are off to a great start:

  1. To allow somebody to do something, go somewhere, or something to happen.


  1. Do something to give instructions or make requests or suggestions.


  1. To give somebody permission to do something.


  1. To show that you do not feel worried about somebody doing something.


Quick Practice With A Short Exercise For Past Tense Of Let

Created on By Benjamin

Past Tense For Let

Here are a handful of simple exercises for correcting the verb's past tenses. Let's do it:

1 / 9

The preamble for those knowing how to use this program, the Equation ……………….. everyone customize the preamble while typesetting the equation.

2 / 9

The document feature ……… you assign a layout to your liking with automatic handling mode during the process.

3 / 9

The soldiers guarded the town’ streets and wouldn’t ………  anyone come in and go out without permission.

4 / 9

She had been content for stepping back and ………… her bear the brunt of anger, even knowing that she had come uninvited.

5 / 9

Last night, you ……… Dulce enter and talked about that surrogacy.

6 / 9

John jerked his head up and stared at her, ........... his nightgown fall loosely surrounding his body.

7 / 9

Do you think you're doing this task a favor by lying to him and …………  him marry Anna?

8 / 9

Anna ……………. her daughter go outside to play with the neighbor kids yesterday.

9 / 9

She ……………….. us know her decision last night, and as expected, she would embark on the journey with us.

Your score is

The average score is 48%



Now, we will dig deeper into some relevant queries. 

Is Let A Verb?

Yes. It’s also an irregular verb, like shut, spread, or cut. 

Are There Any Obsolete Forms Of “Let”?

Yes. “Letten” and “leet” used to be the past participle form and past form of the verb, respectively. But they are just obsolete forms. We mean, “let” is the most popular forms of “let past tense” and “let past participle.”

When Is It Sensible To Use “Charter” Instead Of “Let”?

Two words have a close meaning. “Charter” often indicates the letting or hiring a vehicle for exclusive use and can replace “let” in these cases.

E.g: He charters a car to go to work.