Past Tense of Arise: Arised or Arose? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Arise?

The past tense for arise is “arose”. Many new English learners often mistake its past form for “arised” . 

Remember: this word is an irregular verb, so that it does not follow the “adding ed” rule. Thus, you also need to learn by heart the past participle of arise: arisen. 

If you want to find more details about this word’s form, you’d better refer to the table below:

Form  Verb
Bare arise 
Present participle arising 
3rd person singular arises
Past  arose
Past participle arisen


Let’s learn more about “arise” and its pronunciation in this following video:

How Do You Spell Arise In Past Tense?

This verb has two syllables, and its stress is on the second one. You should lightly pronounce the first syllable while placing emphasis on the “rise” part.

Form Of Word








/əˈroʊz/ /əˈrəʊz/
Arisen /əˈrɪzn/


The past form pronunciation is slightly different between US and UK. While the US’s IPA contains the /oʊ/ sound, the UK one is the /əʊ/ sound:

Definition And How To Use 

This irregular verb has some main meanings:

If you want to express an idea or describe something with the meaning above, you must use “arose” (the past form) instead of the bare verb (arise).

Here are some examples you can refer to know how to use these forms of verbs properly:


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Past Tense Of Arise

The word “arise” has many forms of verbs. How to use it correctly? The best way is to practice with some quick exercises. Please choose the correct answer and check the answer at the end.

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A great opportunity ……. to work in London.

2 / 9

This problem ……….. as an undesired consequence of the marketing campaign last year.

3 / 9

Some new factories …….. in the town when he became our mayor.

4 / 9

Did he ………. after noon today?

5 / 9

A serious problem can ……. if the heart stops working effectively.

6 / 9

A big storm …… last night.

7 / 9

When we were discussing the company issues, they …… and stopped our meeting.

8 / 9

Mental or emotional problems can …….. from physical causes.

9 / 9

She …. at 8 AM this morning.

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