Past Tense of Grind: Grinded or Ground? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Grind?

The correct answer is “ground”.

Grind in past tense often confuses English learners with 2 options: grinded and ground.

In fact, some people still use “grinded” as the past tense of grind in the English language. Yet, It is a mistaken conjugation. Ground is only the standard inflection for virtually everyone (like fight past tense).

How Do You Spell Grind And Ground?

These two words have only one syllable. According to the IPA phonetic alphabet, here is how to pronounce them:

  • “Grind” is /ɡraɪnd/ with an ending sound of /d/. 
  • “Ground” is /ɡrɑʊnd/ with an ending sound of /d/. 

Form of word




V1: grind



V2: ground



V3: ground /ɡraʊnd/


When And How To Use The English Word Ground

The English verb grind is to crush (something) into powder or small particles. Thus, when you want to express the action of crushing things into small pieces in the past, you need to use “ground”. 

Here are some examples:

  • The police could not identify the victim because the killer ground her bones into small particles.
  • The chef ground mustard seeds to prepare for the party!
  • This morning I heard a peppery smell around my home because my mom ground pepper last night.


  1. My friends love…………. cumin.
    1. Grinded 
    2. Ground 
  2. I ………. rice last night to make rice flour for my cake recipe.
    1. ground
    2. grind
  3. She always ……….. coffee beans one a month.
    1. grinds
    2. grounds
  4. Tom used to …….. pepper every day.
    1. grind
    2. grinds
    3. ground

Answer key:

  1. B
  2. A
  3. A


What Is The Past Participle Of Grind? 

The past participle of grind is ground (the same as the past tense):

Is “Grinded” Correct Grammar?

No. Grinded is an incorrect answer. This is a nonstandard form of past tense and past participle. 

What Is Grind Word List Of Synonyms?

This word has many synonyms, such as:

  • Crush
  • mill
  • powder
  • grate
  • pound
  • granulate
  • pulverize
  • shred
  • mince
  • crumble
  • mash
  • smash
  • pestle
  • Fragment

What Are Antonyms Of Grind Word?

Its opposite can be:

  • Build
  • Liberate
  • Solidify
  • Free