Past Tense For Broadcast: Broadcast Or Broadcasted? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense For Broadcast?

So, let us go to the nitty-gritty: The past tense of broadcast is “broadcast”. You can spell B-R-O-A-D-C-A-S-T, sharing the same as the verb’s base form.

Now, you should have one more word for the collection of irregular verbs, aside from the verb bring or the verb dive, which can be done quickly through the online search.

Have a quick look at the table below for other verb forms:

Base Form/Derived From (V1) broadcast
Present Form/3rd Person/Person Singular (V2) broadcasts
Past Form (V3) broadcast
Past Participle Form (V4) broadcast
Present Participle/Gerund (V5) broadcasting

The following video would help with the explicit explanation for the verb forms:

Broadcast V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Base Form, Past Simple, Past Participle Form of Broadcast | – YouTube

How Do You Pronounce Broadcast Past Tense?

It makes sense when you guys focus on speaking English correctly. That’s why we compiled a table with the verb broadcast in American English and British accents. Check it out and try practicing like a native speaker.

Form of word Pronunciation
British English American English
broadcast /ˈbrɔːdkɑːst/ /ˈbrɔːdkæst/
broadcasts /ˈbrɔːdkɑːsts/ /ˈbrɔːdkæsts/
broadcast (V3) /ˈbrɔːdkɑːst/ /ˈbrɔːdkæst/
broadcast (V4) /ˈbrɔːdkɑːst/ /ˈbrɔːdkæst/
broadcasting /ˈbrɔːdkɑːstɪŋ/ /ˈbrɔːdkæstɪŋ/

How About Broadcast Definition?

Here is a list of all meanings and examples for “broadcast”:

  1. To send out programs on radio or television.
  • The channel broadcast this event worldwide in 30 different languages last night.
  • The show had broadcast that event since 2005.
  1. To tell plenty of people about something.
  • Yesterday, Harmonie broadcast that her results are in the top spot.
  • For 2 months, the government has broadcast many times about this memorable incident.

Quick Exercises For Summary

Created on By Benjamin Essek

Past Tense For Broadcast

Here we go with several exercises to help you do better with the ways to correct the tense forms in the English language:

1 / 7

The built-in micro ………………. on the 122.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency. That’s the bomb! This event shocked many people afterward.

2 / 7

In Africa, however, "shower hour" was then ……… live nationally and internationally.

3 / 7

Capital Radio's Kid Jensen will ………. live from the ship in London.

4 / 7

The interview was ……………. Sunday on "Face the Nation."

5 / 7

He will speak to radio shows …………… over a tin can.

6 / 7

That show was ………….. on the Canadian Discovery Channel in 2001, but not shown in other markets.

7 / 7

The show is produced by Netflix, which has received offers from multiple affiliates and international networks to …………… to a much larger audience than just America.

Your score is

The average score is 43%



Is Broadcast An Irregular Verb?

Yes. That’s right. This verb comes in the same form as the base form, the simple past, and the past participle.

Regarding The Past Tense Of Broadcast, Which Is Correct: Broadcast Or Broadcasted?

Both are correct. However, the former is more prevailing than the latter. In other words, just a few parts of the world still use “broadcasted” for the past tense of “broadcast”.

How About Broadcasted Definition?

Broadcasted is the past tense of broadcast. Still, it’s less popular than “broadcast”. This is one of the vital things regarding handy writing tips.

In terms of definition, the verb can be understood in two cases: 

  • To send out programs on radio or television.
  • To tell plenty of people about something.

Is Broadcast A Noun Or A Verb?

Depending on the context, this verb can be a verb and a noun. 

As a noun for verb broadcast, it means a radio or television program.

Will Be Broadcast Or Broadcasted Future Tense?

Long answer short: “will be broadcast”. To explain, “broadcasted” is no longer popular (just the obsolete form), even in past tense and past participle for broadcast. 

What Is The Present Perfect Tense Of Broadcast?

The present perfect tense of broadcast: 

  • You/They/We + have broadcast. 
  • He/She/It + has broadcast. 

What Are The Tenses Of Broadcast?

With a quick google search, you can find that “broadcast” is an irregular verb. It appears similarly in the common form, past tense, and even past participle.