Past Tense of Dive: Dived or Dove? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Dive?

Can you recall the past tense of the word “override”? It’s “overrode”, right? 

To continue the topic of the past tense of irregular verbs, here we go with today’s topic: the irregular verb dive.

What is the past tense of dive?

It’s “dove” or D-O-V-E, while the base form is D-I-V-E.

If you are curious about how the verb looks in other tenses, observe the table below to get brief proper usage of verb in other forms:

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) dive
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form dives
Past Form (V2) dove
Past Participle Form (V3) dived
Present Participle/Gerund diving

Many may wonder, “How can I change this verb into 12 different tenses?” To save you time and effort, this site provides summaries of comprehensive responses.

This video should clear up any confusion about how to use the past tense for dive and “dive” tense forms in various settings. Click on it: 

How do we use the verb dive in the past tense? – YouTube

How Do You Spell Dive Past Tense? 

To perfect your accents in British and North American English, we highly recommend using the online Oxford Dictionary. Besides, make use of the following table as a guide:

Forms of verbs Pronunciation
British English language American English language
dive /daɪv/ /daɪv/
dives /daɪvz/ /daɪvz/
dove /dʌv/ /dʌv/
dived /daɪvd/ /daɪvd/
diving /ˈdaɪvɪŋ/ /ˈdaɪvɪŋ/

What Is The Meaning Of This Verb?

If you’re looking for a precise word’s meaning, an online dictionary such as Oxford’s is your best bet. All are shortened in the list below. Check it out:

  1. To fall suddenly.
  • The product price dove from the peak to the lowest point of 80$.
  • The innocent people had dived from the mountain’s top in front of many frightening faces.
  1. To jump or move quickly in a particular direction, notably to avoid something.
  • When it started to rain, my teammates dove into a nearby cafe.
  • Before it rained, my team had dived into a vacant firm.
  1. To go steeply down through the air.
  • The eager bird dove down fastly to attack.
  • The angle had dived down rapidly before rebounding.
  1.  To go to a deeper level underwater.
  • The submarine dove into the sea. 
  • The weird submarine has already dived into the deep ocean.
  1. To swim underwater with breathing equipment, looking or collecting at things.
  • He got to Greece and went diving.
  • He had dived into one of Ohio’s renowned beaches.
  1. To jump into the water with your arms and head going in first.
  • Sam walked to the pool’s deep end and dived in.
  • My buddies have already dived into the river.

Vocabulary Quiz: Choose The Correct Options With “Past-Tense Verb Dive”

Created on By Benjamin Essek

Past Tense Of Dive

You may know the past tense of “deal” clearly. But how about today’s topic with dive verb? To help you learn this word faster and remember it better, throw yourself in these short exercises:

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Except for one guy who runs full pelt and ……… straight into the wedding cake, smashing it into pieces.

2 / 7

When not …….., I also enjoy badminton, reading, and hill climbing. All these outdoor activities are my favorites whenever I go with my friends.

3 / 7

If I go too long without ………, I tend to get very crabby!

4 / 7

Before she responded, he had dumped her on the floor and …….. to pin her down.

5 / 7

Huxtable's challenge came from Clark, who had ……….. into the fourth position approaching the chicane on the seventh of ten laps.

6 / 7

She ……….. into the pool and swam several laps before emerging.

7 / 7

He watched her expectantly, so she ………….. in.

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Is Dove The Past Tense Of Dive? 

Yes, it’s correct. The past tense of “dive” is “dove”, and the past participle of dive is “dived”.

Dived Vs Dove?

Both are correct. Still, the former is the past tense of to dive while the latter is the past participle.

Is Dived A Word?

Yes, absolutely. As stated, this is the past participle of “dive”. 

What Is The Meaning Of “Deep Dive” In English? 

This phrase means the detailed examination of a subject. It often pops up in English’s daily use.

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