Past Tense Of Think: Thinked or Thought? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Think?

Long answer short: think past tense is THOUGHT, which can be spelled T-H-O-U-G–H-T. Its past participle looks the same as its past tense form. 

Like other irregular verbs, such as the verb seek and the verb set, the past tense for think does not stick to the ED-suffixes grammar rules. 

We’re here to provide other verb forms via the table below. Take a glimpse of it right now!

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) think
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form thinks
Past Form (V2) thought
Past Participle Form (V3) thought
Present Participle/Gerund thinking

Take a peek at this all-rounded video for not only the past tense of think but also other aspects. It reveals how to use this verb in the sentences correctly:

Can You Pronounce Think Correctly?

See the second table depicting the pronunciations of all verb forms of “think” in American English and British accents:

Form of word


British English

American English
think /θɪŋk/



/θɪŋks/ /θɪŋks/
thought /θɔːt/



/θɔːt/ /θɔːt/
thinking /ˈθɪŋkɪŋ/


Go For The Definitions Of “Think”?

Instead of navigating you to search the word in an online dictionary, we’ve rounded up all meanings and corresponding examples!

  1. To have something come into someone’s mind or remember something.

2. To plan about something or intend something.

3. To make what you say sound more polite or less definite.

 4. To show that you are surprised or angry (in a question).

5. To think in a particular way or subject.

6. To expect something.

7. To imagine something or to form an idea.

8. To have words, ideas, or images in your mind.

9. To consider something, to try to sort out hassles, to form connected ideas, and so on.

 10. To have a particular idea or opinion about someone/something or to believe something.

Think In Past Tense: Vocabulary Quiz

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Past Tense Of Think

Lastly, finish the basic understanding for today’s lesson with a short homework assignment. Try to pick the correct forms of verbs:

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  1. She's ………… to be one of the wealthiest people in America.

2 / 7

2. Linda ………… about that tactic and decides to keep it ads-free.

3 / 7

3. He did not complete the sentence, yet his voice showed how highly he ……… of the best friend.

4 / 7

4. Australian universities are ………… by many people to be among the best qualified worldwide.

5 / 7

5. One day the wee girl was lying under a tree, ……….. of her misfortunes.

6 / 7

6. She spoke loudly with such a clear conviction that Helen wondered if she was ……….. about Jimmy.

7 / 7

7. We can't sleep ……….. how we're throwing the exorbitant gift Howie has.

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What Are Some Idioms With “Think” In The English Language?

  1. Think you own the place: To behave confidently that annoys other people.
  2. I/I’d like to think: To say that you believe or hope something is true.
  3. I thought as much: That is what I suspected or expected.
  4. Let me see/think | let’s see: Used when you are trying or thinking about something.
  5. Come to think of it: When you suddenly realize or remember something important.
  6. Great minds think alike: To say that you and another one must be very clever as you agree on something or have had the same idea.
  7. I don’t think so: To say firmly that you don’t agree with something or something impossible.
  8. If/when you think about it: To draw attention to something not obvious.
  9. Think better of it/of doing something: To decide not to do something after thinking further about it. 
  10. Think on your feet: To be able to react and think about things effectively and quickly without preparation.
  11. Think out of the box: To think about how to do something new or different.
  12. Think for yourself: To form opinions and make decisions without relying on others.
  13. Think again: To consider a condition again and perhaps change your intention or idea.
  14. Think/speak ill of somebody: To say or think wrong about somebody.
  15. Think nothing of something/of doing something: Consider an activity not unusual or complicated.
  16. Think nothing of it: Used as a polite response when someone says sorry to you or thanks you.
  17. See/think fit: To consider it acceptable or suitable to do something or to decide.
  18. Think out loud/aloud: To say/speak up your thoughts.
  19. Think better of somebody: To take a higher opinion of someone.

Past Participle Of Think: What Is It?

The past participle form of “think” is thought, like its past tense. It makes sense if you grab the verb conjugations as well.

Is Think A Verb?

No. “Think” is not just a verb but also a noun, depending on your context.