Past Tense Of Sew: Sewed or Sewn? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Sew?

Before getting to the core part, can you recall the past tense for awake and past tense for forsake? Congratulations if you give the correct answers with “awoke” and “forsook”, correspondingly.

Just a fun question! Now we’re back again to the heart of today’s lesson: the past tense for sewing

It’s easy as pie with SEWED. You can spell it S-E-W-E-D. Just add “-ED” after the base form. 

Here, you may wanna jot a question down with the past participle of sew. Do not let you wait for long, it’s SEWN (S-E-W-N) or SEWED.

It’s time to observe this table and grab all five forms of the verb sew: 

Base Form/Derived Form (V1) sew
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form (V2) sews
Past Form (V3) sewed
Past Participle Form (V4) sewn
Present Participle/Gerund (V5) sewing

Click on the link below for more examples related to ways to modify the verb and how to use:

When do we use sewed and when do we use sewn? – YouTube

How To Pronounce “Sew” Correctly?

Oxford Dictionary is the go-to place for any English learner. First things first, use it to find out how to enunciate this word well.  

More than that, given is the summary table depicting the pronunciation of the verb’ forms in American English and British accents. Have a closer look at it! 

Form of word


British English

American English
sew /səʊ/



/səʊz/ /səʊz/
sewed /səʊz/



/səʊn/ /səʊn/
sewing /ˈsəʊɪŋ/


How About Sewed Definition?

After checking the pronunciation, refer to the Oxford Dic once more to know all the verb’s meanings. We also prepare some practical examples accordingly.

  1. To use a thread and needle to make stitches in cloth.
  • My teacher is thorough. She teaches me how to sew.
  • My teacher was elite and thorough. She sewed nicely.
  • My teacher was elite and thorough. She has sawn beautifully.

2. To repair, make or attach something using a thread and needle.

  • The jewel is sewn into her coat’s lining.
  • She sewed the jewel into her coat’s lining.
  • The has sawn the jewel into her coat’s lining.

Vocabulary Quiz: A List Of Question Words!

Here we go – a handful of quick exercises engaging the sew past tense. Challenge yourself to determine how deeply you understand the lesson: 

  1. More and more women work and have less time to ………… and do crafts.

a. sewed   b. sewn   c. sewing d. sew

2. She learned to ………… and made maternity smocks he tried to admire.

a. sew   b. sewing     c. sewed   d. sewn

3. Soon afternoon I had seen him painfully …………. on a shirt-button.

a. sewing   b. sews   c. sew   d. sewed

4. She moved mountains and ……….. the two sides together.

a. sew   b. sewed   c. sewn   d. sewing

5. Where did you learn to ……………… so well?

a. sew   b. sews    c. sewing   d. sewn


  • D (sew – bare infinitive)
  • A (sew – bare infinitive)
  • B (sewing – present participle)
  • B (sewed – simple past)
  • A (sew – bare infinitive)


Is Sew An Irregular Verb?

Yes. It’s an irregular verb. As stated, sew in past tense is “SEWED” and in the past participle is “SEWN” or “SEWED.”

Is “Sew” Only A Verb? 

Yes. It’s a verb. No noun, adjectives, or other word types can be written lookalike.  

Past Tense For Sew: Sewed Or Sewn?

The correct answer is “Sewed” – the past tense of sew. Meanwhile, “sewn” or “sewed” are the past participle of this verb.

How To Spell Sew?

It’s simple to answer with “S-E-W”. As aforementioned, this one is an irregular verb in the English language system.

Past Participle Of Sew: Sown Or Sewn?

Quick answer: It’s “sewn”, which is more prevalent than the other form of “sewed”.

Why Is It Spelled Sew?

In English, the word “sew” is pronounced only with an “oh” vowel. The pronunciation’s origin is uncertain. Still, it might have come about since “ooh” and “oh” sound the same.

What Word Is Like Sew?

Here comes a short list of the verb’s synonyms:

  • embroider
  • fasten
  • stitch
  • tailor
  • baste
  • bind
  • piece
  • seam