Past Tense of Breathe: Breathed or Breath? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Breathe? 

This conjugation verb belongs to the regular group, so the past tense for breathe will be “breathed,” following the “-ed” rule for the past tense of verbs.

The table below will show several other primary conjugation forms of “breathe.”

Bare infinitive breathe
Present participle breathing
Past participle breathed
Third person singular breathes


Another worth considering about a new vocabulary is pronunciation. How do you spell breathe? “Breathe” is quite simple to pronounce due to its one-syllable component. 

Take a closer look at this verb’s official transcription following the IPA:

Form of word Pronunciation
breathe /briːð/ /briːð/
breathed /briːðd/ /briːðd/
breathed /briːðd/ /briːðd/

With the front vowel /i:/, open your mouth, widen and tense your lips. Raise your tongue but do not touch the upper roof. Pull the tip of your tongue to the front and lower it a little bit.

With the fricative consonant like /ð/, the way to pronounce it is unique from other ones. Place the tip of your tongue between your front teeth and make a gentle touch. The air from your throat will flow between your tongue and upper teeth. Then, you have the voiced consonant sound of /ð/.

For the breathe past tense form, “breathe” ends with the consonant /ð/, which belongs to the voiced sound group. So you will add the “d” sound at the end.

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Definition And How To Use Breathed 


Following the official Cambridge dictionary, breathe definition offers four primary meanings:

  • To take air into and out of the lungs repeatedly

Ex: I breathed fresh air right after reaching Everest peak.

  • To say something in silence.

Ex: “Please run quickly” – The actor breathes

  • To let wine release air for a while to enhance the flavor.

Ex: Experts will let the wine breathe for a short time before tasting it. Then they show us how to grasp the glass and shake it properly.

  • To show an impression of something.

Ex: The new gown breathes luxury.

Click here to see the past tense of “show”.

Breathed Usage

When you mention an event or situation that already happened and ended in the past, using the past tense of breath – “breathed” is appropriate.

Ex: A few days ago, my family went on a holiday to Mount Everest. I breathed deadly hard once reaching the peak.

Ex: He breathed, “Here we come,” after we escaped out of the maze.


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Past Tense Of Breathe

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He tried to fight for the ultimate mission on his bucket list - skydiving. Finally, he …. a sigh of relief after finishing the challenge excellently.

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Breath vs Breathe: How Do They Differ?

Breath is the noun form of the verb “breathe”.

What Are The Synonyms Of Breathe?

There are several words you can interchange with the verb “breathe”:

  • exhale and inhale
  • respire
  • sigh
  • gasp
  • pant
  • puff
  • sniff
  • express

Can You Use “Have Breathed” For Perfect Tenses?

Of course, you can. “Breathe” is the regular verb, so when transcribed into perfect tenses, you need to add “ed” at the end and freely use “have breathed” or “had breathed”.