What Is The Past Tense Of Text? Regular Or Irregular Verb?

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Text?

The past tense of “text” is “texted”. This is a regular verb, so we need to add “ed” to the bare verb to form its past tense. The past participle of it is also “texted.” You can check the table below for more details:

Base Form/Infinitive Form (V1) text
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form texts
Past Simple Tense Form (V2) texted
Past Participle Form (V3) texted
Present Participle/Gerund texting

How To Pronounce “Text” And “Texted” Correctly? 

According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, “text” is pronounced as /tekst/. The “e” is pronounced like the short “e” sound, as in “bed.” The “x” is pronounced like the “ks” sound.

The word “texted” is pronounced as /‘tekstɪd/. Check the table below for more details:

Verb Forms Pronunciation 
British English language American English language
text /tekst/ /tekst/


/‘tekstɪd/ /‘tekstɪd/


/‘tekstɪd/ /‘tekstɪd/
texting /ˈtekstɪŋ/ /ˈtekstɪŋ/

How to pronounce text, texted, and texting correctly as English native speakers? Check out the below videos:

Text pronunciation: 

Texted pronunciation:  

Texting pronunciation:

What Are The Definitions Of Text? How To Use It?

Like the past tense of other verbs, you can use the past tense of “text” to talk about an event or situation that happened and was completed before the time of speaking.

The verb “text” has only one meaning: to send someone a text message by phone.


  • I texted her yesterday to keep our initial plans. (Click here to see the past tense of keep)
  • They texted me last week about the upcoming event.


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Past Tense Of Text

Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank:

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She ____ her friends every morning before starting her day.

2 / 7

By the time he realized his mistake, he had already ___ the wrong number.

3 / 7

He ____ his parents this morning to let them know he arrived safely.

4 / 7

Last Friday, we _____ our friends to inform them about the change in plans.

5 / 7

I can see she is _____ her boyfriend to ask him about the party's idea.

6 / 7

He always ____ me funny memes every Monday morning.

7 / 7

She _____ me last night to apologize for the misunderstanding.

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Is “Text” A Noun?

Yes. The noun text has the following meanings:

  • Written material

Example: The library is filled with various texts on history and science.

  • Written message in a phone

Example: She quickly responded to the text she received on her mobile phone.

  • The main part of a book or magazine

Example: The text on that page provides a detailed explanation of the concept.

  • A book/ play

Example: The theater company is performing a classic Shakespearean text.

Are There Any Differences Between The Verbs Text And Message?

“Text” specifically refers to sending written messages electronically.

“Message” encompasses a broader range of communication methods, including text, voice, video, signals, or other forms of digital or non-digital communication.


  • I texted my friend some lines to let them know about the change in our itinerary.
  • I messaged my colleague on the company’s chat platform to stop the project. (See the past tense of stop here)

What Are Some Synonyms Of The Noun “Text”?

Some common synonyms of the noun “text” are document, manuscript, writing, article, passage, book, literature, script, work, and publication. However, the exact synonym to use depends on the specific context and intended meaning.