Past Tense Of Tear: Teared Or Tore? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Tear?

The past tense for tear is tore or teared. We use teared as the past tense of tear when it means “to fill up or overflow with tears.” Tore is more commonly used because it has more meanings.

The past participle of tear is torn or teared. You can check out the table below to get more verb forms of tear.

Simple Present He/She/It tear

I/You/We/They tearing

Present Continuous He/She/It is tearing

I am tearing

You/We/They are tearing

Present Perfect He/She/It has torn/teared

I/You/We/They have torn/teared

Present Perfect Continuous He/She/It has been tearing

I/You/We/They have been tearing

Simple Past He/She/It/I/You/We/They tore/teared
Past Continuous I/He/She/It was tearing

You/We/They were tearing

Past Perfect He/She/It/I/You/We/They had torn/teared
Past Perfect Continuous He/She/It/I/You/We/They had been tearing
Simple Future He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall tearing
Future Continuous He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall be tearing
Future Perfect He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall have torn/teared
Future Perfect Continuous He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall have been tearing

How do you spell tear, tore, and teared correctly and naturally like native speakers? The video below will help you:

How to say tear:

How to say tore:

How to say teared: 


According to the Oxford Learners Dictionary, the IPA transcription of tear is /teə(r)/ in British accents and /ter/ in American accents. The past tense tore is pronounced as /tɔːr/, and teared is pronounced as /teə(r)d/ or /terd/. You can watch the table below to make it clearer.

Form of word



tear /ter/ 







torn/teared /tɔːrn/




Definitions And How To Use Torn/Teared?

How to use tear past tense? Tore or teared has the same meaning as the basic form or the present tense of tore, but is used to talk about the action that happened and was completed in the past.

What is the definition of tear? The English verb tear has the following meaning:

Example: I tore a hole in my jeans to make them look cooler. However, my mother thought my pants were torn, so she sewed them up.

Example: I tore another first page from my notebook to fold little paper cranes for my sister. She liked it very much and wanted me to fold it more to put it in a small glass jar.

Example: She tore herself from his grasp and decisively said goodbye. After all the hurt she had to endure, she decided not to give him another chance to make up.

Example: She tore a ligament in her left leg due to an injury in the 2019 tournament. This injury prevented her from competing after that, and she decided to continue her education.

Example: A truck tore past the fence, ran into the cattle on the farm, and crashed into the small hut. Fortunately, the driver only suffered minor injuries, and no one was hit (see past tense of hit) by this truck.

Example: Her eyes teared because she was so tired of the endless quarrel in this house. That’s why she often sits on the hillside watching the sunset in the distance. It was like a release for her. (Click here to know the past tense of sit)


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Past Tense of Tear

Choose the correct verb tense to fill in the blanks:

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  1. In 1937, Antonia …… the letter of reconciliation in two pieces. This action was a foreshadowing of the inevitable war between Ukraine and Russia.

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2. The storm yesterday …… most of the tile roofs of the entire house in this village. Rainwater has submerged the whole property of the residents here.

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3. The story just …… me up and me of myself of the old days. In the past, I was penniless and had to beg for mercy from passersby.

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4. While fighting in the Middle East, he …… the knee ligaments and was brought back to a safe place by his teammates.

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5. The entire propeller part of the plane was broken when it plunged into the forest. The engine …… off the front of the plane, causing it to burst into flames.

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6. His words …… her mother up, and she realized she was too harsh on her beloved child.

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What Are Synonyms And Antonyms Of Tear?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the synonyms of tear are: 

Rip, rend, shred, break, split, ribbon, rupture, cut, rive, tatter, cleave, slash, gash, dissect, lacerate, butcher, hack, incise, mangle, dismember, yank, grab, pull, wrench, snatch, pry, wrest, sever, force, seize, extract, dissever, uproot, nab, amputate, jerk, and lop (off).

The antonyms of tear are: creep, drag, crawl, poke, hang (around or out), linger, poke, lag, stroll, tarry, dawdle, saunter, shuffle, amble, lumber, slow (down or up), decelerate, plod, loiter, dillydally, and dally.

Is Tear a Noun?

Yes. As a noun, tear has 2 main meanings: a hole that has been made in something by tearing, or a drop of liquid that comes out of your eye when you cry.