Past Tense Of Sync: Synced Or Synched? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Sync?

The sync past tense is synced or synched. According to the Cambridge dictionary, sync and synch both mean the same thing. Sync is just a shortened form of synch, and people tend to use sync more because it’s shorter. To get the past tense for sync, you can add the -ed at the and of the plain form.

The past participle of sync is the same as the past tense of it. You can glimpse the table below to get more verb forms of the word sync.

Simple Present He/She/It syncs 

I/You/We/They sync

Present Continuous He/She/It is synching/syncing

I am synching/syncing

You/We/They are synching/syncing

Present Perfect He/She/It has synced/synched

I/You/We/They have synced/synched

Present Perfect Continuous He/She/It has been synching/syncing

I/You/We/They have been synching/syncing

Simple Past He/She/It/I/You/We/They synced/synched
Past Continuous I/He/She/It was synching/syncing

You/We/They were synching/syncing

Past Perfect He/She/It/I/You/We/They had synced/synched
Past Perfect Continuous He/She/It/I/You/We/They had been synching/syncing
Simple Future He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall sync
Future Continuous He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall be synching/syncing
Future Perfect He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall have synced/synched
Future Perfect Continuous He/She/It/I/You/We/They will/shall have been synching/syncing

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According to the -ed spelling rule, the IPA transcription of synced is /sɪŋkt/, and of synched is also /sɪŋkt/. The past participle of sync is pronounced the same as the V2 form. You can watch the table below for more information.

Form of word Pronunciation 
sync /sɪŋk/ /sɪŋk/
synced/synched /sɪŋkt/ /sɪŋkt/
synced/synched /sɪŋkt/ /sɪŋkt/

Definitions And How To Use Synced?

What about the meaning of synch? The English verb sync has two following main meanings:

  • To happen/ to move at the same time and the same speed as something/ to make something do it

Example: It’s the first time a blue moon synced up in over three decades with a total lunar eclipse. I have never seen this wondrous sight in my life.

  • To connect/link electronic devices or data files on these devices so that the information in the files on both machines is the same.

Example: You synced email across all your laptops and mobile phones, didn’t you?

The past tense form of sync has the same meaning as the V1 form but is used to talk about the action that happened in the past, before the time of speaking.


  • I was worried because of my poor memory and carelessness, so I synced my phone to my computer to avoid losing important information.

She feels extremely relaxed every time she watches the sunset over the sea. The ocean breeze and the movement of the tide were synced with her heartbeat.


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Past Tense Of Sync

Choose the correct verb tense to fill in the blanks:

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Several music lovers had …… most of their favorite songs and videos on both phones and televisions. This allows them to relax, entertain, and enjoy music at any time.

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The melodious music and the soothing sound of the waves were …… with her heartbeat. She wants this moment to go slowly so that she can capture all these beautiful memories.

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To back up and …… photos and videos, click the settings menu icon, select backup and sync. Tap the switch to enable this function. Your photos and videos will be backed up automatically.

4 / 5

I have just …… all Zalo messages on my phone with my laptop to get the whole information no matter what device I use. The sync only takes about 3 minutes, much faster than I thought.

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In 2018, a blue moon …… up with a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse. This is a rare phenomenon and occurs only once every three decades. I captured that beautiful moment and now I am reviewing those impressive pictures.

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What Are Synonyms And Antonyms Of Sync?

Synonyms of sync are: synchronize, link, fit together, accord, agree, check out, coincide, correspond, accompany, acquiesce, equal, eventuate, harmonize, match, be concurrent, be the same, come about, occur simultaneously, resemble, and integrate.

Differ, disagree, dissent, oppose, protest, refuse, clash, deviate, diverge, and mismatch are considered antonyms of sync.

Synced Or Synched?

Both are used, especially in the field of the computer industry. However, in daily life, people often use sync instead of synch.

The most common reason is that its spelling is shorter and clearer, and its pronunciation sounds deeper than synch. In addition, the pronunciation of synch is easily confused with the slang word “sinch”, so plenty of people often use sync.