Past Tense Of Squeeze: Squeezed or Squoze? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Squeeze?

Squeeze is not an irregular verb like the verb run or the verb shake. Hence, you must apply the common grammatical rules for the past tense and past participle with the ED-affixed forms.

In short, the past tense and past participle of “squeeze” is “squeezed” or S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E-D. 

To grab the exact form of the English verbs, look at this table:

Basic Form/Derived Form (V1)


Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form (V2)

Past Form (V3)


Past Participle Form (V4)

Present Participle/Gerund (V5)


How To Pronounce Squeeze Past Tense Correctly?

Here, you can catch sight of a short table to learn the pronunciation of “squeeze”, ED-affixed forms, and additional forms, in both British and American English. Please help check and try to enunciate properly:

Form of word


British English

American English
squeeze /skwiːz/



/ˈskwiːzɪz/ /ˈskwiːzɪz/
squeezed(v3) /skwiːzd/



/skwiːzd/ /skwiːzd/
squeezing /ˈskwiːzɪŋ/


How About The Meanings Of Squeeze?

Get inside the section on definitions. Here comes a list of five meanings for your reference, summarized from the Oxford Online dictionary: 

  1. To get liquid out of somewhere by twisting or pressing it firmly.
  • The drop of emotion is squeezed from her.
  • The women squeezed the water from the containers with an all-out effort.
  • The man had squeezed the water from the tank. 

2. To press something, notably with fingers.

  • Jack squeezes her hand and laughs in her face.
  • Jack squeezed her hand and laughed in her face.
  • Jack had squeezed her hand and laughed in her face.

3. To force something/somebody/yourself through or into a small space.

  • The oceans and mountains squeeze this drop-dead town.
  • It’s a drop-dead town, squeezed between the oceans and mountains.
  • It’s a drop-dead town that has been squeezed between the oceans and mountains.

4. To get one thing by putting pressure on someone and threatening them, etc.

  • The thieves squeeze me for $600.
  • The thieves squeezed me for $600.
  • The thieves had squeezed me for $600.

5. To strictly reduce or limit the amount of money that something/somebody can use or possesses.

  • High interest rates squeeze the company hard.
  • High interest rates squeezed the company hard.
  • High interest rates had squeezed the company hard.

Past-Tense Form Of Squeeze: Vocabulary Quiz

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Past Tense Of Squeeze

Move on to the homework sections with five questions only. Try to complete it all by correctly choosing the types of forms and the verb type. Let’s go!

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  1. He …………….. the trigger, but nothing happened.

2 / 5

2. We could probably ……………….. in a few more people.

3 / 5

3. The government is …………. the railways’ investment budget.

4 / 5

4. Alice ………….. my arm affectionately and said goodbye.

5 / 5

5. Bring all four edges to the top to form a little parcel and …………… to secure.

Your score is

The average score is 47%



Past Participle Of Squeeze: What Is It? 

Squeeze is a regular verb with the exact form of past-tense form and participle being “squeezed”. 

Is Squoze A Word?

Yes. “Squoze” is a word in English, but it is just the dialectal past tense of “squeeze”. Remember that “squeezed” is more popular than “squoze”.

Past Tense Of “Squeeze”: Squeezed Or Squoze?

Past tense of “squeeze” is “squeezed” as it’s just a regular verb. Thus, it follows the rule of ED-suffixed forms in the past tense and past participle regular forms. We won’t apply the irregular forms rule for “squeeze”.

Is Squeeze A Noun Or A Verb?

“Squeeze” can be a verb or a noun. We’ve explained the meaning of the verb “squeeze” above. When it’s a noun in a sentence, it refers to one of these definitions:

  1. A girlfriend or boyfriend.
  2. A reduction in the number of jobs, money, etc., or a problem caused by this.
  3. A situation where it is almost impossible for many things or people to fit into a limited or small space.
  4. A small amount of liquid is produced by pressing something.
  5. The act of pressing something by hand.

How About The Squoze Meaning?

SQUOZE is the dialectal past tense of “squeeze”. “Squeezed” is more popular than “squoze”. 

Is It Squeezed Or Squezed? 

The correct answer is “is it squeezed” as this sentence uses the passive voice, and the verb “squeeze” should be transferred to the past participle form – Squeezed.