Past Tense Of Spin: Spinned or Spun? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Spin?

We have introduced you to the past tense of sew or past tense of run. Today, let’s continue with a new verb: SPIN. 

Its past tense is “SPUN,” which is spelled S-P-U-N. Another form of past tense is “SPAN,” yet it is archaic, so you just use “SPUN.”

The table below will reveal other verb forms of spin. Check it out:

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) spin
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form spins
Past Form (V2) spun
Past Participle Form (V3) spun
Present Participle/Gerund spinning

How To Pronounce Spin Past Tense Correctly?

The second table will tell you the pronunciations of spin in past tense in British and American English, which are no different. Have a quick look at it right now!

Form of word


British English

American English

spin /spɪn/



/spɪnz/ /spɪnz/
spun /spʌn/



/spʌn/ /spʌn/
spinning /ˈspɪnɪŋ/


How About The Spin Meanings?

Here, we’ve compiled a list of meanings and corresponding examples for the verb “spin.” The spun meaning is similar as well. Have a peek at them all!

  1. To present a situation or information in a specific way, notably one rendering you or your ideas reasonable.

2. To remove the water from clothes using a spin dryer.

3. To travel or drive rapidly.

4. To create a spinning thread from its body to make a cocoon or web.

5. To make thread from cotton, silk, wool, etc., by twisting it.

6. To turn round rapidly; to make someone do this.

Past Tense For Spin: Vocabulary Quiz

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Past Tense Of Spin

Go for the homework sections with 5 simple questions. Take your time and think through before choosing the answer to fill in the blank:

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  1. She grabbed Norm’s arm and …….. him around to face her.

2 / 5

2. Supporters attempted to ……… the bill’s defeat to their advantage.

3 / 5

3. The wheels were ………. in the mud, but the car wouldn't move.

4 / 5

4. We watched you bumble after pigeons, squeal as sun and air and Humber …….. you around.

5 / 5

5. She ……… me around, lifted Janir out of the carrier, and immediately opened her shirt.

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Is Spinned A Word? 

No. Don’t confuse “spinned” with the past tense of “spin”; this word has no meaning in English. The proper past-tense form of “spin” is “spun.” 

What Are Idioms Using Spin?

Here comes 3 common idioms with “spin” that you can apply to your daily conversation:

  1. Make your head spin/Your head is spinning: Your head feels like it is going round and round. You can’t balance, notably because you are confused or ill or have a shock.
  1. Spin (somebody) a tale, yarn, etc.: ​To try to make someone believe a story that is not true.
  2. Spin/Turn on your heel: To turn around suddenly to face in the opposite direction.

Is Spin A Noun Or A Verb?

“Spin” can be a verb and a noun. We’ve just shared the meanings of the verb spin above. Regarding its noun, here is a list of its meanings:

  1. The way you make the ball turn fast when you throw or hit it.
  2. A short ride in one car for pleasure.
  3. A very fast-turning movement.

Past Participle Of Spin: What Is It? 

As stated above, the past participle of spin is similar to its past tense – “spun.”

Is Spin An Irregular Verb?

Yes. That’s it! “Spin” is the irregular verb with the past-tense form and past participle being “spun.”