Past Tense Of Sneak: Sneaked or Snuck? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Sneak?

Is “sneak” a regular or irregular verb? Quick answer: It’s a regular one, like the verb open and the verb shy. So, the sneak in past tense and past participle form just go with the -ED rule as usual. We mean, it’s SNEAKED or S-N-E-A-K-E-D.

The table below will show you other verbs forms of sneak:

Basic Form/Derived Form (V1) sneak
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form (V2) sneaks
Past Form (V3) sneaked
Past Participle Form (V4) sneaked
Present Participle/Gerund (V5) sneaking

How To Pronounce Sneak Past Tense Correctly?

Not beating around the bush, we refer to the Oxford online Dictionary to compile this table for the pronunciation of “sneak” in British and American English. Take a peek at it:

Form of word


British English

American English
sneak /sniːk/



/sniːks/ /sniːks/
sneaked /sniːkt/



/sniːkt/ /sniːkt/
sneaking /ˈsniːkɪŋ/


How About The Meanings Of Sneak?

The verb “sneak” just comes up with four definitions as follows:

  1. To tell an adult that a child had done something wrong, notably leading to trouble.

2. To secretly take one thing unimportant or small.

3. To take something/someone or do something somewhere secretly with no permission.

4. To reach a place secretly and try to avoid being seen.

Past Tense For Sneak: Vocabulary Quiz

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Past Tense Of Sneak

It’s high time for you to dig deeper into these exercises about the verb sneak and its verb forms:

1 / 5

  1. She ………… out of the house once her parents were asleep.

2 / 5

2. Douglas had ………. his camera into the show.

3 / 5

3. It wasn't hard to ……… a copy of the tutor's program and take it back to her room.

4 / 5

4. The question keeps ……….. into her mind and, once there, it proved difficult to dislodge.

5 / 5

5. The Little Sprouts ……….. out of the house with some extra veggies.

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Is Sneak Just A Verb?

No. The word “sneak” can be a noun, a verb, or an adjective. 

If it’s a noun, it refers to a person, notably a child, who tells someone about something wrong that another person had done.

Meanwhile, the adjective “sneak” means “​done without any warning”.

Regarding its verb meanings, we just shared them above.

Is Snuck The Past Tense Of To Sneak?

The past tense of “sneak” is “sneaked”. Though “snuck” is also the past-tense form of “sneak”, yet it’s not popular at large. In fact, “snuck” seems not suitable for formal writing. 

Is Snuck English Or American?

Snuck is just used by a minor part of people in North America and it’s just a common verb in daily communication in this area.

Had Been Sneaked Or Had Been Sneak?

The correct answer is “had been sneaked” as “sneaked” is the past participle of “sneak”. Moreover, this sentence comes with a passive voice. In other words, “had been sneak” is utterly wrong.