Past Tense Of Slay – What Should You Learn?

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Slay?

The past tense for slay is “slew”. Although this is a common verb in English, many people often wonder whether slew or slayed is the correct past tense of “slay”. 

Because it is classified as an irregular verb, you cannot add “ed” as the suffix to create the past form. The past participle of slay is also different from other forms: slain. 

We have summarized all forms of the verb in the table below. You can note them down for learning:

Form  Verb
Bare slay
Present participle slaying
3rd person singular slays
Past  slew
Past participle slain


You can find out its pronunciation in this video and practice it yourself:

How Do You Spell Slay In Past Tense?

These three verb forms have only one syllable. Thus, you don’t need to care about the word stress. 

Most English learners wrongly pronounce “slew” when they first meet this word. They will say it like /slju:/. However, its main sound must be long u /u:/ instead of /ju:/.

This table below will list down the official IPA of each word:

Form Of Word



V1: slay /sleɪ/


V2: slew

/sluː/ /sluː/
V3: slain /sleɪn/


Let’s find out its pronunciation in this video and practice it yourself:

Definition And How To Use 

When you need to express an idea or describe something with “slay” meanings, you must use “slew” (the past form) instead of the bare verb (slay).

Here are some meanings of the word and examples to help you understand how to use it in a sentence:

I cried at the film that I watched this Saturday. They slew me with its sad ending.


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Past Tense Of Slay

Let’s complete these quick and simple exercises to practice English verbs and tenses while using “slay”. Please choose the correct answer and check the answer at the end.

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Were these robbers accused of intentional murder because they …… 10 hostages last week?

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The romantic movie we watched this Friday made us cry a lot because they …… us with many beautiful stories and a sad ending.

3 / 9

She always …… us with her interesting styles and funny stories.

4 / 9

It will be easier to …… a dangerous white tiger with a group of 10 people and some modern weapons.

5 / 9

Ana’s neighbor ……………. Anna's dog because it barked during the night. 

6 / 9

Did that handsome guy …… Anna with his special shoes and expensive shirt

7 / 9

The performance of the ABC team is impressive and professional. It ….. us with a big investment and a famous actress on the stage.

8 / 9

Why did he …. these chickens?

9 / 9

Timmy …. me with his talent and interesting jokes.

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