Past Tense Of Shoot: Shot or Shooted? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Shoot?

Irregular verbs occupied a colossal space in the English verb list with over 200 words that can “wow” you at first sight, not just the verb forsake and the verb awake.

Today, let us please you with another irregular verb: shoot. Today, learn about the past tense of shoot

So, what is the shoot past tense? The answer is simple with SHOT which you can spell S-H-O-T. In other words, the past-tense form will cut down on one “O” compared to the base form. 

Set your eyes on the table below to grab all five forms of verbs: 

Base Form/Derived Form (V1) shoot
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form (V2) shoots
Past Form (V3) shot
Past Participle Form (V4) shot
Present Participle/Gerund (V5) shooting

Better yet, we also show you the conjugated forms of the verb shoot via this video. Do not skip it to polish your English skills:

SHOOT – Basic Verbs – Learn English Grammar – YouTube

How To Pronounce English Verbs Correctly?

This summary table can satiate your wants for the pronunciation of “shot” and other forms based on British and American English accents (vary from language to language). We hinge on the online Dictionary Oxford for reliable information. 

Form of word Pronunciation
British English American English
shoot /ʃuːt/ /ʃuːt/
shoots /ʃuːts/ /ʃuːts/
shot(V3) /ʃɒt/ /ʃɒt/
shot(V4) /ʃɒt/ /ʃɒt/
shooting /ˈʃuːtɪŋ/ /ˈʃuːtɪŋ/

How About Shoot Definition?

Definitions are indispensable as for learning vocabulary. Check out how well you know about the verb shoot. Everything we share here is all based on the online Oxford Dictionary. Let’s go! 

  1. To play unique games.
  • They got there and shot the stuffed animals. 
  • My teammates were excited. They had shot professionally with flying colors.
  1. To touch a specific score in a complete competition or round.
  • He shot a 75 in the first competition.
  • He has already shot a 75 in the first competition.
  1. To try to throw, hit, or kick the balls into the target or score points.
  • He shot beautifully and professionally in the game.
  • This gamer has recently shot and performed dramatically in the final contest.
  1. To direct something at someone rapidly or suddenly.
  • Paparazzi shot lots of questions instantly at all involved people.
  • The director had shot tons of questions toward these staff.
  1. To kill and hunt animals (notably birds) with guns as a game.
  • My besties went shooting in Ohio.
  • The whole team had gone shooting in Canada since Thanksgiving.
  1. To wound or kill an animal or a person with bullets, etc.
  • Last Sunday, a criminal shot five people fatally.
  • Since Christmas, the criminal had shot five people fatally.
  1. To fire a particular weapon or gun.
  • The soldiers shot on sight professionally.
  • All Rockies had already shot with their armed weapons well.

Vocabulary Quiz: A List Of Question Words!

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Past Tense Of Shoot

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He ………………through levels destroying the wrong guys and solved puzzles to conquer the game.

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Later, none of the ships of foes will ……… at you.

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Some were …………….. dead when billions of people, protesting against the killings, attempted to march on the President's residence.

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It’s not confined to that region but …………… along the nerve branch’s whole distribution.

5 / 7

The timber industry, unfortunately, is ………… through economic inefficiency.

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You might as well consider color lenses and whether you adore to ………… for polarized ones.

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Never ………… off fireworks that could land in dry grassy regions or on the rooftops of houses, sheds, or other buildings.

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Is Shoot An Irregular Verb?

Yes. It’s an irregular verb with the past tense and past participle lookalike – SHOT. 

What Past Participle Of Shoot?

The past participle of shoot is SHOT, which can be spelled S-H-O-T.

Past Tense Of Shoot: Shot Or Shoot?

The correct answer is the former: SHOT – the past tense of shoot.

Is Shooted A Word?

No, “shooted” is a non-exist word or even scared to be caught sight of in the modern language. 

Is Shoot Only A Verb? 

No. Not just a verb, “shoot” also plays as a noun. Here comes a list of its meanings under the role of a noun:

  1. An occasion when a group of people shoots and hunts birds or animals for sport / the area where the event happens.
  2. An occasion when someone makes a professional film or takes photographs for a particular purpose.
  3. The area grows from the ground while a plant begins to grow; a new area wherein trees or plants are developed.

What Are Some Idioms For Shoot?

    1. Shoot the rapids: ​To go in a boat over a river’s part where the water flows are robust and rapid.
    2. Shoot it out (with someone): To fight against someone with guns, notably until he/she is defeated or killed.
    3. Shoot the messenger: ​To blame someone who gives the news about something bad instead of somebody responsible.
  • Shoot the mouth off: 
  • ​To talk about one thing in a way showing your pride in it.
  • ​To talk about something secret or private.