Past Tense Of Ride: Ridden Or Rode? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Ride?

No wonder English grammar offers you a wide range of knowledge. To narrow your search about the past tense, we got you covered with multiple units, not just the past tense of bleed

Dive past tense and ride past tense are likely lookalikes, making you question be they appear the same or not in all 12 tenses.

So, how to modify ride in the past tense

Not beating around the bush, the ride in the past tense is “rode”, which is spelled R-O-D-E. 

But how about the past participle for ride? The quick answer is “R–I-D-D-E-N” or “ridden”.

Also, how do you spell ride? It’s R-I-D-E.

See this table below for ride verb forms in 5 different styles:

Base Verb/Standard Form (V1) ride
Present Form/3rd Person (V2)  rides
Past Form (V3) rode
Past Participle Form (V4) ridden
Present Participle/Gerund/Subjunctive Verb Form (V5) riding

For an overview of writing the forms of verbs (verb tenses) see this detailed video:


Get a quick view of how this verb is spoken across a range of English dialects, including British English and American English, via the table below:

Form of word Pronunciation
British English 


American English


ride /raɪd/ /raɪd/
rides /raɪdz/ /raɪdz/
rode /rəʊd/ /rəʊd/
ridden /ˈrɪdn/ /ˈrɪdn/
riding /ˈraɪdɪŋ/ /ˈraɪdɪŋ/

What Is This Verb’s Meaning? – Examples And How To Use

To improve your English skills, read the explanations and use the examples provided to help you remember the definitions. Check out these:

  1. To go over or through an area on a bicycle, horse, etc.
  • All my fellows rode these trails.
  • The entire class had ridden to the village.
  1. To be supported or float on air or water.
  • An eagle rode the air currents.
  • A duck has already ridden on the water up to now.
  1. To travel in a vehicle, notably for a passenger.
  • I rode the minibus to my university every weekday at that time.
  • For 4 years, I have ridden taxis to my university.
  1. To sit on and monitor a motorcycle, bicycle, etc.
  • Six wee boys rode their bikes downtown yesterday.
  • Alan and Jaune have ridden their bicycles to their school.
  1. To spend time riding a horse for pleasure.
  • I went riding in my idle time with some of my buddies.
  • She has ridden to her friends’ houses for 2 hours.
  1. To sit on an animal, notably a horse, and manage it to move the right way.
  • My wife rode along the narrow coastline with her relatives.
  • My wife has just ridden along the road.

Quick Exercises: Choose The Correct Verb

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Past Tense Of Ride

Give these exercises with the verb ride a try right now!

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That's an awesome thing to be telling me while I am ……… out in the open like this.

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Roseph, still looked around toward the shouts and fires and ………. with the sergeant to meet some men along the line.

3 / 7

The prince and the eldest stepsister had ………… away together.

4 / 7

There was a large ship ……………. at anchor in the bay.

5 / 7

She learned to ………. when she was seven.

6 / 7

……….. horses were one of my beloved pastimes, and the region out that way was drop-dead, whether in summer or winter.

7 / 7

My siblings have some horses they can ………... There are also a handful of creeks, ponds, and even a small lake on their land.

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Is Ride A Verb?

Yes. It is an irregular verb in the English language. It’s never a regular verb. Beyond that, you can use “ride” as a noun with the following definitions:

  1. The kind of journey you make in a car, etc.
  2. A short trip on a horse, etc.
  3. A free ride in a car, etc. to a place you want to get to.

Past Tense Of Ride: Ridden Or Rode?

It’s up to the context and the tenses you use in your sentences. “Ridden” and “rode” are the past participle of ride and the simple past tense of “ride”, correspondingly.