What Is The Past Tense Of Reset? How To Use It Correctly?

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Reset?

The past tense of reset is reset. The word remains the same in the present, past tense, and past participle forms.

“Reset” is unchanged in the past tense because it is a so-called “irregular target verb”. It doesn’t follow the pattern of adding the suffix “-ed” to the base form, so its past tense needs to be memorized separately.

Other examples of irregular verbs that have the same form in both present and past tense include “cut,” “hit,” and “put.”

The past participle of reset is also reset. You can take a look at the below table to get reset forms of verbs:

Base/Infinitive Form (V1 form) reset
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form resets
Past Form (V2 form) reset
Past Participle Form (V3 form) reset
Present Participle/Gerund resetting

How To Pronounce “Reset” Correctly?

Both American and British accents pronounce reset as /ˌriːˈset/. You can check out the table below to get their spellings.

Verb Forms Pronunciation 
British English language American English language
reset /ˌriːˈset/ /ˌriːˈset/
reset (V2) /ˌriːˈset/ /ˌriːˈset/
reset (V3)  /ˌriːˈset/ /ˌriːˈset/
resetting /ˌriːˈsetɪŋ/ /ˌriːˈsetɪŋ/

How to pronounce “reset” and “resetting” like native speakers? You can watch the videos below and practice with them:

How to say reset: 

How to say resetting:

What Are The Definitions Of Reset? How To Use It?

We use the past tense of reset to talk about an action that was completed and happened before the time of speaking. It has 2 main meanings as below:

  • To restore something (machine, instrument, etc.) to its original condition or state, or to make something work again by starting it from the beginning

Example 1: I reset my computer last night because it was running slowly.

Example 2: We reset the game and started over quickly before my mom got home. 

  • To put something back into its correct position (often passive)

Example 1: The engine parts were reset to their correct position after the mechanic repaired the car.

Example 2: The clock on the microwave was reset last night.


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Past Tense Of Reset

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form of reset:

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The technician ____the network equipment regularly to keep it running smoothly. (See past tense of keep here)

2 / 7

She ____ the thermostat after the room got too hot and reminded me to do the same next time.

3 / 7

Jim: Have you ever _____ a router before?

Jane. No, I haven't.

4 / 7

They are currently ______ the stage for the next act of the play.

5 / 7

I ______ the hardware components of my laptop to their original state because I accidentally dropped it in the water.

6 / 7

He _____ his password every month for security reasons.

7 / 7

Yesterday, I ____ my phone to its factory settings to resolve the problem.

Your score is

The average score is 71%



Is Reset A Noun? 

Yes, “reset” can also be used as a noun. Below are 3 meanings of the noun reset: 

  • The act/process of restoring a piece of equipment to its original settings by restarting it by turning it off and on.

Example: After encountering a software glitch on her computer, Jane decided to perform a reset, which successfully restored the device.

  • The act/process of modifying the details of something.

Example: The IT department made a reset to the company’s website, changing the color scheme, layout, and functionality.

  • The act/process of changing something to a different level, quantity, or time.

Example: The economic downturn prompted a reset of the company’s financial strategy.

What Are The Synonyms And Antonyms Of Reset?

Common synonyms of the verb reset are: Restart, restore, renew, reboot, reprogram reinitialize, recharge, reestablish, reactivate, graft, emigrate, immigrate, uproot, remove, displace, readapt, move, recondition, resettle, reorient,  revamp, transfer, shift, and transpose.

Antonyms of the English verb “reset” include: Plant, remain, sow, stay, preserve, save, break, damage, destroy, disable, wreck, corrupt, ruin, and sabotage.

What Are Some Idioms Of Reset?

  • Reset the bar: To establish or change the expected standard or level of performance.

Example: After the company’s recent success, they reset the higher bar for future projects.

  • Reset one’s priorities: To reassess or change one’s goals and values.

Example: As a dual route model in her community, Jane recognized the need to reset her priorities and focus on balancing her career as a doctor and her role as a mother.

Is “Reset” a Transitive Or Intransitive Verb?

Reset can be both a transitive and intransitive verb. It requires an object that receives the action when it means to make something work again, or to change details, positions, etc.

  • Example: I have to seek my laptop and reset my password. (Click here to see past tense of seek)

When it’s an intransitive verb, it means something changes to a different level by itself.

  • Example: I can see the monitor resets automatically!