Past Tense Of Pet – All Things English Learners Should Know

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Pet?

The past tense for pet is “petted”. It’s spelled P-E-T-T-E-D. This is a regular verb in the English language. 

What Is The Past Tense Of Pet

It will follow the rule of adding “ed” at the end of the word to create the past and past participle form of a verb. For more details about this word’s form, refer to the table below:

Form  Verb
Bare pet
Present participle petting
Third person singular pets
Past  petted
Past participle petted


Let’s find out more about “petted” and its pronunciation in this video:

How Do You Spell Pet In Past Tense?

You can check the IPA to know how to pronounce it properly:

Form Of Word



V1: Pet /pet/


V2: Petted

/petɪd/ /petɪd/
V3: Petted /petɪd/


The most challenging part of this verb’s pronunciation is the /p/ sound. This is a voiceless sound that means your vocal cords don’t vibrate while speaking. Shutting the lips will temporarily block air from exiting the vocal tract, producing the /p/ sound.

Definition And How To Use 

This word has two main meanings:

If you want to know how to use it, let’s check out more examples: 

Practice Exercises

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Past Tense Of Pet

Let’s complete these quick and simple exercises to practice English verbs and tenses. Please choose the correct answer and check the answer at the end

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She always …….. her cats when she gets home.

2 / 8

Mary hates couples showing their love and …….. in public places because she considers it a violation of her nation's customs.

3 / 8

Her children …….. Anna's dogs many times yesterday when they visited Anna's house.

4 / 8

Almost all cats love to be tickled and ……. behind their ears because they feel relaxed.

5 / 8

Her parents didn't ……. her as well as other siblings.

6 / 8

…………. your pets can have improve the connection between both of you.

7 / 8

Why did he ……. her dogs so many times yesterday?

8 / 8

Whenever someone ….. and tickles the cat’s ears, it will feel satisfied.

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