Past Tense Of Knit: Knit Or Knitted?

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense For Knit?

Past Tense For Knit

Its past tense and past participle is KNITTED. This regular verb adheres to the ED-ending rule, like the past tense of clean or past tense of laugh

We also provide you with a table summarizing 5 verb forms of “knit”:

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) knit
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form knits
Past Form (V2) knitted
Past Participle Form (V3) knitted
Present Participle/Gerund knitting

Here, a fantastic video will show you the word’s definitions and its verb forms explicitly:

How Do You Spell Knit Or Knitted Correctly? 

Based on the trustable online dictionary: Oxford, we synthesize the American English and British accents of these English verbs:

Verb Forms Pronunciation
British English language American English


knit /nɪt/ /nɪt/
knits /nɪts/ /nɪts/
knitted(v2) /ˈnɪtɪd/ /ˈnɪtɪd/
knitted(v3) /ˈnɪtɪd/ /ˈnɪtɪd/
knitting /ˈnɪtɪŋ/ /ˈnɪtɪŋ/

What Is The Knit Definition?

Back again, refer to the Oxford dictionary to seize the knit meaning sufficiently:

  1. To create clothes, etc., from cotton, wool, or other thread using a specific machine or two thin and long knitting needles.
  • Edna sat on her couch next to her furry friends and knitted a scarf.
  • Kim has knitted a sweater for me for 3 days only. I’m into this gift as it’s so stunning at large.
  1. To utilize a basic stitch in knitting.
  • She knitted one row and purled one row. She expressed her skills professionally and “wowed” many guys out there.
  • I have just knitted ten rows as I didn’t have much idle time.
  1. To be joined together or join things or people closer together.
  • Our team knitted quickly because we have many common traits and beliefs.
  • That person has not knitted with other guys as he’s introverted.
  1. To make broken bones develop again or grow together again to form one piece.
  • The dog had a scary disease, and its bones knitted very slowly.
  • Its bone had knitted successfully. That’s a miracle!

Past Tense Knit: Choose The Correct Options

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Past Tense Of Knit

To test how well you understand today’s lesson, get inside these 5 exercises:

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After the first date, Anne knew Jim was her only one and began ………… a scarf for her love.

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I was surprised by how Jim  ………….. those days is from South Africa.

3 / 5

She is ……………. her baby a shawl. We’re sure that’s one of the best gifts we’ve ever seen.

4 / 5

They gathered in the living room; he read a book, and she …………  until bedtime.

5 / 5

Babies’ bones ………. more easily and rapidly than adults’ since they can generate more repair cells.

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Is “Knit” Just A Verb?

No. It can also be a noun in a sentence. We just mentioned its verb definitions above. Here is the meaning of the noun “knit”: 

  • A piece of clothing that has been knitted.

What Are The Differences Between Knit and Knitted?

While many keep confusing “knit” and “knitted” as the past tense for “knit”, “knitted” was more well-accepted in the Anglophone community in almost 21st-century texts. 

Also, “knitted” can be a participial adjective (e.g: a knitted scarf) in a sentence. It refers to something made by knitting wool or another thread.

Furthermore, we just use “knit” as a noun or a verb in the present simple or future tenses. Be cautious when using these words.

Is “Will Be Knitted” Correct? 

Yes. That’s right. This passive-voice phrase (in future tense) must use the past participle form of “knit” – KNITTED.