What Is The Past Tense Of Hop? All Answered

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What Is The Past Tense Of Hop?

The past tense of hop is hopped. Hop is a regular verb, so we add “-ed” to the end of the base form to get the past tense. 

Besides, we need to double the letter -p. When a one-syllable verb ends in a stressed short vowel sound followed by a consonant, we double the final consonant before adding “-ed” to form the past tense.

The past participle of hop is also hopped. You can refer to the table below to learn more about hope verb conjugations:

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) hop
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form hops
Past Form (V2) hopped
Past Participle Form (V3) hopped
Present Participle/Gerund hopping

How To Pronounce “Hop” And “Hopped” Correctly?

American usually pronounce hop as /hɑːp/, while the British spell it as /hɒp/. Also, hopped in the American accent is /hɑːpt/, and in the British accent is /hɒpt/.

You can take a look at this table for more details.

Verb Forms Pronunciation 
British English language American English language
hop /hɒp/ /hɑːp/
hopped (V2) /hɒpt/ /hɑːpt/
hopped (V3)  /hɒpt/ /hɑːpt/
hopping /hɒpɪŋ/ /hɑːpɪŋ/

How to pronounce “hop” and “hopped”? You can practice with the videos below:

How to say hop: 

How to say hopped:

What Are The Definitions Of Hop? How To Use Hopped?

We use hopped as the past tense of the verb hop when we want to talk about something that happened and completed. Hopped has the same definition as its V1 form. Below are all meanings of the verb hop and its examples:

  • To jump, leap, or move, usually with one foot

Example 1: I hopped on my good foot and felt uncomfortable last month, but now it’s better because the wound has healed.

Example 2: He hopped on stage despite the pain from his injured leg.

  • To go somewhere or to get into/ get out of a car quickly

Example 1: She hopped over to the store to buy some milk, then helped her husband repaint the house. (Click here to see the past tense of buy)

Example 2: The child hopped on the bus and ran to the playground after the class ended.

  • When a small animal like bird or insect hops, it jumps with both feet on the ground at the same time

Example 1: The grasshopper hopped from one blade of grass to another.

Example 2: The bird hopped along the tree branch.


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Past Tense Of Hop

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form of hop:

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Anne ____ on her good foot and held onto his mother for balance.

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The injured bird could only ____ along the ground instead of flying.

3 / 7

We _____ over to Bruges to attend John and Caroline's wedding last week.

4 / 7

The kangaroo ____ across the outback and disappears behind the bushes.

5 / 7

She _____ over the puddle with one foot and crossed the field in a flash.

6 / 7

Can I ____ on your car? I was in a hurry but my car suddenly broke down.

7 / 7

We ran and _____ on the next train since we wanted to make it to the concert on time.

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What Are The Synonyms And Antonyms Of Hop?

Common synonyms of the verb “hop” are: jump, skip, leap, bound, bounce, spring, vault, pounce, lope, caper, hurdle, and trip.

The antonyms of the verb “hop” are: Stand, stay, halt, stop, sit, rest, and settle. (See the past tense of stop here)

Note that synonyms or antonyms of “hop” can be used depending on the context and usage of the word:

  • For example, “hop” and “jump” can be used interchangeably, but in other contexts, “jump” might suggest a more forceful or energetic movement than “hop.”
  • Likewise, when it comes to antonyms, words like “stand” and “stay” might be appropriate antonyms of “hop” in some contexts (“stand still” vs. “hop around”). 

However, in other cases, “sit” could be an antonym of “hop” in the context of jumping vs. sitting, but it might not be appropriate in the context of getting on a bus or train (“hop on” vs. “sit on”).

Is Hop A Noun? 

Yes, “hop” can be a noun. As a noun, “hop” refers to the plant or its dried flowers used for flavoring beer or other beverages, or a short/small jump in a particular direction. Below are some examples of “hop” being used as a noun:

  • The brewer added some hops to the beer to give it a bitter flavor.
  • The rabbit took a hop across the field.
  • The child did a hop, skip, and a jump down the sidewalk.
  • The athlete practiced her long jump and her high hop.

What Are Some Idioms And Phrasal Verbs Of Hop?


  • Hop on the bandwagon: To join a popular trend or movement. 

Example: Everyone is trying the new diet, so I decided to hop on the bandwagon and give it a try.

  • A hop, skip, and a jump: a series of short, quick jumping movements

Example: He usually does a little hop, skip, and a jump of joy after he wins the game.

  • Hop it: To leave something or somewhere very quickly/ suddenly.

Example: If I’d met such a rude customer entering my restaurant, I would have forced him to hop it.

Phrasal Verbs:

  • Hop on: To get on something (car, bus, etc.) that is moving.

Example: Let’s hop on the bus and head downtown.

  • Hop up: To make something more lively or energetic. 

Example: The coach hopped up the team with an inspiring pep talk.