Past Tense Of Hit: A Versatile Verb That Can Spice Things Up!

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Hit?

Hit in past tense is still “hit”. It’s spelled H-I-T. 

The 3-rd person singular simple present indicative form: “hits”.

The present participle/gerund form: “hitting”.

Hit past tense and hit past participle have the same structure: “hit”.

Tenses Variations
Base Form/Derived Form (V1) Hit
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form (V2) Hits
Past Form (V3) Hit
Past Participle Form (V4) Hit
Present Participle/Gerund Hitting

If you are still not clear, check this video for the past tense of hit and other similar irregular verbs:

Above are just some basic forms of “hit.” It’s better for your grammatical range and lexical resources to learn about the past tense of verbs in general.

How Do You Spell Hit?


Reach Oxford Dictionary to check out the verb’s pronunciation with the American – English and English accents. Here comes a short table for details:

Forms of word


British English

American English

Hit /hɪt/ /hɪt/
Hits /hɪts/ /hɪts/
Hit (v3) /hɪt/ /hɪt/
Hit (v4) /hɪt/ /hɪt/
Hitting /ˈhɪtɪŋ/ /ˈhɪtɪŋ/

Watch the following video to know how to pronounce the word “hit”:

How To Use & Meaning

fter grasping the “hit past tense”, here comes a list of its meaning. Scroll down and check out more:

  1. To attack something or someone.


  1. To hurt someone or something.


  1. To touch or reach a thing or person suddenly and with force.


  1. To knock a part of the body against something.


  1. To come against someone or something with force, especially causing injury or damage.


Vocabulary Quiz

Created on By Benjamin

Past Tense Of Hit

Go for the homework sections, as normal, with 9 simple questions. Take your time and think through before choosing the answer

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  1. Jessica …….. the sand on her feet, a rifle in her hands.

2 / 9

Two new, edgy boy dolls, Brandon and Blake can ……… the groovy scene that fall.

3 / 9

Anna ………. the sand, and John was instantly on top of her, wrestling the whip from Anna’s hand.

4 / 9

Seeding rattled through with Holmes strolling in first in seeding. Longden came in last after ………….. that for hay bail.

5 / 9

When dawn ………, I'm wiping every trace of that village off the planet.

6 / 9

Every kid imagines herself killing dragons, ………….. the game-winning home run, saving the oppressed, and bringing the bad guy to justice.

7 / 9

White was striking the ball with his customary force, occasionally ………….. the straight nick.

8 / 9

He ……… the nail squarely on my head with his hammer yesterday.

9 / 9

His death didn't really ………. me at first

Your score is

The average score is 55%



Is “Hit” A Regular Or Irregular Verb?

It’s an irregular verb in English grammar, so it will not follow the “-ed” rule as regular ones in the past tense.

Are There Any Dialectal Or Archaic Forms Of This Verb?

Yes. Another form of past participle of hit is “hitten” (archaic, rare, dialectal).

Meanwhile, “hat” is mostly used in Scotland and Northern England languages or obsolete in English.

Is Hit An Action Verb?

Yes, it is an action verb. It’s a transitive verb as “hit” always attaches directly to a noun (something or someone).