Past Tense of Hide: Hided or Hid? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Hide?

Irregular verbs have unsettled countless future generations of English language learners in the past tense. It’s not only the usage of “dive” in the past tense that can make you inferior. The same could be said for +200 irregular verbs on this list and their variants of conjugation.

Don’t be so perplexed! GrammarWiki will break the subject down into short daily lessons. Now, move on to the past tense of hide in English today.

What’s the past tense of hide?

The answer is “hid”, which can be spelled H-I-D.

Take a peek at this table to get an idea of hide verb forms:

Base Verb/Standard Form (V1) hide
Present Form/3rd Person (V2)  hides
Past Simple Form (V3) hid
Past Participle Form (V4) hidden
Present Participle/Gerund/Subjunctive Verb Form (V5) hiding

Let the video below remind you how to use the past tense of  “ verb hide ” if you can’t clear the way:

What is the past tense of hide? When do we use hidden? – YouTube

How Do You Pronunciate Hide Past Tense? 

Learning the tenses is the backbone of English grammar; practicing your British and North American accents should be off to a great start to polishing your skills. We got you covered!

Forms of verbs Pronunciation
British English language American English language
hide /haɪd/ /haɪd/
hides /haɪdz/ /haɪdz/
hid /hɪd/ /hɪd/
hidden /ˈhɪdn/ /ˈhɪdn/
hiding /ˈhaɪdɪŋ/ /ˈhaɪdɪŋ/

Definition Of Hid & Illustrations

This part unveils all meanings and examples for the verb hide. Check these out:

  1. To keep something secret, notably the emotion or feeling.
  • Peter’s brusque manner hid a sensitive and shy nature.
  • The actress has hidden her feelings enticingly. This made me move to tears.
  1. To cover something/somebody so it/they cannot be seen.
  • Helena made all-out efforts to use makeup. It hid Helena’s age.
  • I confirmed that this amount of makeup had hidden her age to a tee.
  1. To go where you hope you will not be found.
  • They hid from their pursuers in a hideout nearby.
  • All the kids had already hidden in the old house to escape the thieves.
  1. To keep or put something/somebody in a place where it/they cannot be seen or found.
  • The murders hid me from others in their attic.
  • The murders had hidden the police behind the old factory.

Vocabulary Quiz

Created on By Benjamin Essek

Past Tense Of Hide

It's feasible to use "deal" in the past tense correctly. But is it easy with “hide”? Let's go back to today's subject with the verb "hide" with several short questions”:

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This is a charity that ……….. a multitude of sins.

2 / 7

It ……… by day under stones or From Strasburger's Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of Gustav Fischer.

3 / 7

I think Shipton ……….. in the next room—perhaps in the closet.

4 / 7

No wonder he had kept his feelings ……… from her for so long.

5 / 7

He walked out again, and she tossed the fish and ……… the rope, straightening just as he reappeared.

6 / 7

Still, ……….. from them wasn't going to solve anything - especially for his sisters.

7 / 7

And lastly, you too, peasants, come from the forests where you are …….. in terror, return to your huts without fear, in full assurance that you will find protection!

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The average score is 57%



Past Participle Of Hide?

“Hidden” is the past participle of hide. Meanwhile, the past tense of this verb is “hid”.

Hid Or Hidden?

It’s based on what tenses and contexts you choose from. Hidden is used in the participle tenses of “hide” (future participle, past participle, present participle. Meanwhile, “hid” is the simple past tense of “hide”.

Past Tense Of Hide: Hide Or Hid?

“Hide” is the bare-infinitive form, and “hid” is the past tense of the former. Do not confuse these two, as they’re never interchangeable.

Is “Hid” An Irregular Verb Or Regular Verb?

“Hid” is known as an irregular verb.

Had Hid Or Had Hidden?

In both British and American English, “hide” always takes the form “hidden” as its past participle. There is no localized distinction. Someone using the phrase “I had hid it” is using improper grammar.