What Is The Past Tense Of Getting? How To Pronounce It?

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Getting?

“Getting” is the present participle of the verb “get.” If you want to refer to the past of “getting,” you should use the past tense of the irregular verb “get”,  which is “got.”

Its past participle form can be either “got” or “gotten.”

You can refer to the table below to learn other conjugated forms of the common verb get:

Base Form/Infinitive Form (V1) get
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form gets
Past Simple Tense Form (V2) got
Past Participle Form (V3) gotten/got
Present Participle/Gerund getting

How To Pronounce “Get” And “Got” Correctly? 

The word “get” is pronounced as /ɡet/ in American and British accents.

The V2 “got” is pronounced as /ɡɒt/ in the British accent; and /ɡɑːt/ in American english. The below table will make it clearer:

Verb Forms Pronunciation 
British English language American English language
get /ɡet/ /ɡet/


/ɡɒt/ /ɡɑːt/


/ˈɡɒtn/ /ˈɡɑːtn/
getting /ˈɡetɪŋ/ /ˈɡetɪŋ/

How to pronounce “get” and “got” correctly? Check out the below videos:

Get pronunciation:  

Got pronunciation: 

What Are The Definitions Of Get? How To Use Got?

We use got as the V2 of get to talk about something that happened and completed. The verb “get” has the following meanings:

  • To receive something

Example: Yesterday, I got a gift from my friend for my birthday.

  • To obtain/ acquire something

Example: My dad got a promotion at work in 1999, just 1 year after starting his job.

  • To buy something

Example: I got a new phone from the store last Monday.

  • To go to a place/ destination and bring someone/something back

Example: This time last year, I got my sister from the airport.

  • To achieve or be given a particular mark or grade in an exam

Example: This morning, I got an A+ on my math test.

  • To start to be ill/to suffer from a pain

Example: I got a headache after spending hours in front of the computer.

  • To bear a punishment

Example: Last night, he got detention for breaking the school rules.

  • To connect to the internet/phone network or receive broadcasts from TV/radio station

Example: I got a strong Wi-Fi signal and could browse the internet easily this morning, but now it’s weak.

  • To arrive at/come to/reach a place

Example: We got to the top of the mountain after hours of hiking.

  • To move, sometimes with difficulty, in or out of a specific direction and make someone/something do the same.

Example: The bridge was destroyed, so we got across the river in a dangerous situation.

  • To use transportation (car, train, bus, etc.)

Example: Yesterday, I got a taxi to go to the airport.

  • To reach a specific state, cause someone/something/yourself to reach that state.

Example: They got married in 1980 but divorced after 10 years because of the husband’s cheating.

  • To cause something to happen or be done

Example: Last night, she got the party organized within a few hours.

  • To persuade someone to do something

Example: I got my friend to join me for a workout at the gym.

  • To start doing something

Example: This morning, I got working on my project as soon as I woke up.

  • To prepare a meal

Example: I got dinner ready for my family.

  • To catch or hold someone to punish or harm them

Example: Last week, the police got the thief and arrested him.

  • To hit someone

Example: He got punched in the face during the fight.

  • To understand someone/something

Example: I finally got what my teacher explained in the last session.

  • To say that something happens

Example: I got (= There was) a huge traffic jam on the highway yesterday.

  • To make somebody confused

Example: “What is the capital of Japan?” – “You’ve got me there!” (I don’t know!)

  • To annoy somebody

Example: What got me last night was the constant noise from the neighbors’ party.


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Past Tense Of Getting

Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank:

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He had already ____ a suspension for breaking the school rules before the principal spoke to his parents.

2 / 7

Mary ____ a cold last week, so she still has a lot of work to do.

3 / 7

She _____ a taxi to the train station this morning to catch her train.

4 / 7

He always ____ excellent grades in math.

5 / 7

He _____ permission to access the restricted area last week.

6 / 7

We were _____ groceries from the store when it started raining heavily.

7 / 7

She ____ a gorgeous bag from her father yesterday.

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What Are Some Common Idioms Of Get?

  • Get a grip: To regain control of your emotions or situation; to calm down.

Example: He was panicking during the emergency but managed to get a grip and handle the situation.

  • Get the best of someone: To outsmart, defeat, or overcome someone.

Example: Despite his efforts, the experienced chess player got the best of him and won the match.

  • Get off someone’s back: To stop criticizing, nagging, or bothering someone. (See the past tense of stop here)

Example: I wish my parents would get off my back about my grades and give me some space.

What Are Some Collocations With The Verb “Get”?

Example: She jumped out of bed and got dressed to go out for a while.

  • Get ready: to prepare oneself for something.

Example: We need to get ready for the big presentation tomorrow.

  • Get lost: used to ask someone to leave or as a way to express frustration or annoyance with someone’s presence or actions.

Example: I’m busy, so please get lost!

What Does “Get Up” Mean?

  • To rise or stand up from a lying, seated, or resting position

Example: You need to get up from the couch and go to work.

  • To increase in strength and become violent.

Example: The storm started to get up, and the wind became stronger.

  • To arrange or organize something

Example: She got up a committee to plan the event.