Past Tense Of Fit – Fitted Or Fit?

By Benjamin Essek

Past Tense Of Fit

What Is The Past Tense Of Fit?

The past tense of “fit” is “fitted” or “fit”, and so does its past participle form. Americans and Canadians often use fit instead of fitted, while the British do the opposite. 

Although fit is an irregular verb form, both of these past tenses are used. This case is quite similar to the word “swing,” which has two past tense forms.

You can look at the table below to learn more about its verb forms:

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) fit
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form fits
Past Form (V2) fit/fitted
Past Participle Form (V3) fit/fitted
Present Participle/Gerund fitting

How To Pronounce “Fit” And “Fitted” Properly? 

According to Collins Dictionary, the IPA transcription of fit is /fɪt/, and fitted is /fɪtɪd/ in both British English and American English. You can check out the table below for more details.

Verb Forms Pronunciation 
British English language American English language
fit /fɪt/ /fɪt/
fit/fitted (V2) /fɪt/




fit/fitted (V3)  /fɪt/




fitting /fitɪŋ/ /fitɪŋ/

How to spell “fit” and “fitted” right? The videos below will help you:

How to say fit:

How to say fitted:

What Are The Definitions Of Fit? How To Use Fit/Fitted?

Fit or fitted all have the same meaning as their basic form. We use them as the past tense of fit when we talk about the action that happened and was completed in the past.

Here are all the meanings of the verb “fit” according to the Oxford Dictionary, along with examples:

  • To be of the right shape and size for a particular person, thing, or purpose.

The dress fit/fitted perfectly.

I had never felt so comfortable in a suit before. It was tailor-made for me and fit/fitted perfectly.

  • To be suitable or appropriate for a particular person, thing, or purpose.

This job fit/fitted you well.

The new computer software in 2023 fit/fitted the company’s needs better than the 2021 version.

  • To put clothes on someone and make them the right size & shape (See past tense of put here)

I fit/fitted my shirt yesterday.

The salesperson fit/fitted me with a new pair of running shoes last week.

  • To join, put or connect something with something else precisely or appropriately.

He fit/fitted the two pieces of the puzzle together to a tee.

  • To (cause something/someone to) agree with, match, or be suitable for something

We tailored our regulations so that they fit/fitted people’s needs.

The shoes I bought last week fit/fitted me illy, so I returned to the store to buy another pair.

  • To make someone/something suitable for a particular job, location, or situation

His journey fit/fitted him perfectly for the adventure.

The new employee was fit/fitted with a uniform and name tag before starting their first shift at the restaurant.


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Past Tense Of Fit

Choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks:

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I ____ the pieces together to make a complete puzzle.

2 / 7

The dress ____ me well, so I bought it.

3 / 7

I am ____ new tires onto my car right now.

4 / 7

The dress that she wore to the party last night ____ her to a tee.

5 / 7

When I moved the table out of that place, the new sofa ____ nicely in the corner of the room.

6 / 7

I need to ____ these boxes into the trunk of my car.

7 / 7

She tried on several dresses last month, but none of them ____ her properly.

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What Are Synonyms And Antonyms Of Fit?

Fit is both an intransitive and transitive verb. According to the American usage Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the common synonyms of the verb fit are: Suit, match, conform, adapt, accommodate, adjust, comply, blend, harmonize, and coordinate.

The common antonyms of the verb fit are: Misfit, clash, differ, disagree, contradict, conflict, resist, reject, refuse, and deny.

Is Fit a Noun Or Adjective?

Yes, “fit” can be a noun. You can learn its meanings below:

  • A sudden attack or convulsion, often related to a medical condition or a seizure disorder.

Example: He had a fit during the meeting and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

  • (Of coughing/laughter) a sudden short period of coughing, laughing or feeling, that you cannot control

Example: She had a fit of laughing in the middle of class after reading American articles.

  • The way that something fits/match someone/something

Example: The dress was a perfect fit for her body type and looked stunning.

Fit is also an adjective, which includes 3 main meanings:

  • In good physical shape

Example: She goes to the gym every day, so she’s very fit. 

  • Suitable or appropriate for a particular purpose. 

Example: This dress is too casual for the wedding, but it should be fit for the rehearsal dinner.

  • Ready or likely to do something extreme

Example: I’ve drunk so much that I’m fit to burst.

What Are The Idioms Of The Verb Fit?

  • Fit like a glove: something fits perfectly. 

For example: The dress fits like a glove. It’s perfect!

  • Fit the bill: to be suitable for a particular purpose. 

For example: This hotel fits the bill. It’s close to the conference center and affordable.

  • Fit to be tied: to be extremely angry or agitated. 

For example: When he found out he had been lied to, he was fit to be tied.

  • Fit for a king/queen: something is of very high quality or luxurious.

For example: This hotel room is fit for a queen. It’s so luxurious!