Past Tense Of Fight: Fighted, Fought or Faught? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Fight?

What is the past tense of fight in the English language? The correct answer is “fought”. It’s spelled F-O-U-G-H-T, in which the second letter is an “O”, not” A” (like grind).


So, how do you spell fought?

Fight in past tense is a word which has only one syllable. According to IPA, the pronunciation of the word is /fɔ:t/.

The more simple way to understand how it sounds is to look for it in the phonetic spelling. It is pronounced /fawt/.

Form of word




V1: fight



V2: fought



V3: fought /fɔːt/


Definition & Usage

Past tense is used to talk about the action that happened in the past and is finished or completed. 

So, what does fought mean/ fought definition? It means the action of taking part in physical combat happened and completed or the struggle to overcome or prevent something.

The word can be used like in the examples below:

  • “Two UFC fighters fought hardily last night” (the action of fighting completed.)
  • “She fought her tears when she watched that drama.” (the action of the struggle to overcome her feelings finished. )

It is an irregular verb that follows the same pattern as the past tense of meet (forms of verbs V2 and V3 are the same).


  1. The boxer ___________ until the end and won.

a. Fights   b. Had faught   c. Had fought   d. Fighted

2. A man __________ to protect his family.

a. Fighted   b.  Fighting   c. Fights   d. Faught 

3. The boy often __________ with his neighbors every day.

a. Fighted   b. Fighting   c. Faught    d. Fights

4. All male above 18 here joined the army and __________ the enemy. 

a. Fought   b. Fighted   c. Faught   d. Fights 


Fought, Or Faught, Or Fighted?

When talking about the fight past tense, people think of these three possible words, but only one word is correct, it’s “fought”.

Some people may think adding an ending “ed” is the way to form the past tense for fight. However, since the word is an irregular verb, it’s not correct to do so. 

Meanwhile, according to some sources, faught is a surname, or it’s a misspelling of fart. So, you should be careful not to mistake these three words.

What Is The Past Participle Of Fight?

As mentioned above, the word is an irregular verb that follows the pattern that the V2 and V3 are the same. Therefore, the exact answer is fought.

Here is an example of how to use fight past participle:

  • He had fought with the thief before I came.

Is Fight A Noun?

Yes, it is not only a verb but also a noun. If it’s a noun, it has the following meanings:

  • the act of fighting
  • a wrestling or boxing match
  • a verbal dispute with strong disagreement
  • a high determination to compete
  • two antagonistic military forces meet with the intention of war

What are the Fought Synonyms?

Some common synonyms are:

  • Battled:

The old man battled against his illness. = The old man fought against his illness.

  • Brawled:

He brawled with two guys on the street. = He fought with two guys on the street.

  • Came to blows:

The two bandits almost came to blows yesterday. = The two bandits almost fought yesterday.

  • Opposed:

He opposed the president’s regime. = He fought against the president’s regime.

  • Struggled:

It was hard to struggle against temptation. = It was hard to fight the temptation.

What Is The Opposite Of Fight?

Depending on the exact meanings of the word in each situation, there are some most common opposite words:

  • Reconcile (opposite of taking part in war):

He decided to reconcile with his enemy.

  • Succumb (opposite to struggle against personal feelings)

He tried not to succumb to the temptation.

  • Agree (Opposite to taking part in a violent confrontation.

He agreed with his wife on this problem.