Past Tense Of Dream: Dreamed or Dreamt? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Dream?

While many other verbs only have one past tense form, the past tense for dream accepts two correct forms: dreamed and dreamt. 

Although both are accurate, dreamt is more frequently used in British and American English. Compared to Americans, the British frequently use dreamt, albeit not as frequently as dreamed.

Because we cannot exactly determine whether “Dream” is a regular or irregular verb, the past participle of dream also has two options like the past tense: dreamed and dreamt. 

Form  Verb
Bare dream
Present participle dreaming
3rd person singular dreams
Past  dreamt/dreamed
Past participle dreamt/dreamed


Let’s find out more verbs with two past tense in this video:

How Do You Spell Dreamt?

First, “dream” and “dreamed” have the same vowels: the long sound of /i:/. The only difference between them is the ending sound of /d/. Thus, do not forget /d/ sound while pronouncing “dreamed”. 

The last one – dreamt is the most distinctive word because its main vowel is /ɛ/. Put your tongue at your mouth’s mid-height position to produce this sound. Then, move it in the front of your mouth. Your mouth and lips muscles should be at ease. With your lips in this posture, vibrate the vocal cords.

Let’s check the IPA to know the correct pronunciation:

Form Of Word Pronunciation
dream /driːm/ /driːm/
dreamed /driːmd/ /driːmd/
dreamt /drɛmt/ /drɛmt/

Definition And How To Use The Word

This common word has only two meanings. Please note them down while learning English:

  • to have a succession of thoughts, events, and emotions while you are sleeping
  • to imagine what you want to take place

If you want to describe an idea or discuss something with the meaning above in the past, you must use “dreamed or dreamt” (dream past tense) instead of the bare form.

Let’s refer to some sentence examples to learn how to apply the word in English while speaking or writing: 

  • Last night, I dreamt that my best friend and I fought due to a conflict about love.
  • She dreamed that she witnessed a terrorist slay a kid.
  • Timmy dreamed about his ex-girlfriend last night. 
  • I never dreamt that I could catch the opportunity to get that job.

Some Exercises To Practice

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Past Tense Of Dream

Let’s do some multiple-choice exercises!

The word “dream” has many forms of verbs. How to use it correctly? The best way is to practice with some quick exercises. Please choose the correct answer and check the answer at the end.

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……. can motivate you to work hard and make it come true.

2 / 7

Jennie …..  about her boyfriend last night. That’s why she was happy today.

3 / 7

People always …… about a wealthy and happy life.

4 / 7

I find life more astonishing and more charming than I'd ever …………...

5 / 7

Who could ever …… of a serious disaster like this?

6 / 7

I never …….. that I would be able to afford a big home in LA.

7 / 7

Last night, I ……. I was a super famous girl in the city with a lot of money.

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