Past Tense Of Drag: Drug or Dragged? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Drag?

Irregular verbs in the past tense have far stirred up countless generations of English learners. Not just “override” in the past tense, you may exclaim “wow” for the first time seeing the irregular list with +200 in common use.

Okay, do not be bewildered! Grammarwiki will divide the topic into small lessons daily. Today, come up with the past tense for drag

What is the past tense of drag?

It’s “drug”, which is spelled as D-R-A-G-G-E-D.

If you’re interested in the forms of drag in American English’s different tenses, have a peek at the table below:

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) drag
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form drags
Past Form (V2) dragged
Past Participle Form (V3) dragged
Present Participle/Gerund dragging

How Do You Pronunciate The Verb Drag Past Tense? 

After grabbing the tense form, it’s time to perfect your accents in British and North American Dialects. We highly recommend using the online Oxford Dictionary. Better yet, make use of the following table as a guide:

Forms of verbs Pronunciation
British English language American English language
drag /dræɡ/ /dræɡ/
drags /dræɡz/ /dræɡz/
dragged /dræɡd/ /dræɡd/
dragged /dræɡd/ /dræɡd/
dragging /ˈdrægɪŋ/ /ˈdrægɪŋ/

How About Drag Meaning?

If you want to know the exact meaning of drag past tense, you should use an online dictionary like Oxford.

This section gives definitions and examples that are shortened from the Oxford dictionary. Take a look at them:

  1. To move an icon or some text (or something similar) across the screen of a computer using your mouse.
  • My tutor clicked on the on-screen shortcuts and dragged them across.
  • My teacher had dragged all files on the screen out with ease.
  1. To move something, partly touching its ground.
  • As her dress was too long, it dragged on the land’s surface.
  • Her wedding dress has still dragged on the ground. 
  1. To persuade somebody to come or go somewhere they do not really want to come or go to.
  • The session was so exhilarating I could not drag myself away.
  • The course was so tedious that she had dragged herself out.
  1. To move yourself at a low speed with effort.
  • Her mother dragged while her children took a stroll.
  • The woman had dragged on the street with her husband before reaching the doctor.
  1. To take hold of one thing and then pull it.
  • Jinny and Carol dragged it by their arms.
  • My besties had dragged all the balls before pulling them.
  1. To pull something/somebody along with hassles and effort.
  • Anna dragged Peter clear of the wreckage.
  • I had dragged him at my best, but everything was in vain.

Vocabulary Quiz With The Verb Drag Past Tense

Created on By Benjamin Essek

Past Tense Of Drag

You may know how to use "deal" in the past tense. But what about the topic for today with the verb drag? Throw yourself into these short exercises to correct the form of drag:

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He watched a fat man open his car’s trunk and ………. out a child-size bundle.

2 / 7

If she had enough patience, she wouldn't drag her sister out in this awful desert.

3 / 7

Following him was Kris, dressed in nothing but judo pants as if Ully had ………. him straight out of bed.

4 / 7

He all but ………. the healer to Kris.s room, found it empty, then went to Katie.s chamber.

5 / 7

The client can’t speak anymore, so he tries to …………. the nurse’s suit to ask for help.

6 / 7

A man is bitten by a snake. He ……….. a boat out into the river to find help.

7 / 7

I want you to come to me all sweet and willing - without ……… Josh along.

Your score is

The average score is 85%



Past Tense For Drag: Dragged Or Drug?

The correct answer is “dragged” in the past tense of the verb drag. Amazingly, it’s the same with its past participle form (dragged). 

Meanwhile, “drug” is a verb or noun with other meanings that do not relate to “drag”.

Is Dragged A Word?

Yes. It’s the drag past tense and past participle. 

Is Drag An Irregular Verb? 

Yes. It’s an irregular verb. It’s not a regular verb as many assume.

What Are Idioms For “Drag”?

  1. Drag yourself up by your bootstraps: To improve the circumstance yourself without help.
  2. Drag your heels/feet: To be deliberately slow in deciding or doing something.
  3. (Drag somebody) kicking and screaming: ​Do something with significant protests as they do not really want to do it.
  4. Drag somebody through the mud/dirt: To say bad things or criticize somebody in public in an unfair way.