What Is The Past Tense Of Demo?

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Demo?

What Is The Past Tense Of Demo?

The past tense for demo is demoed. The verb form of “demo” in the past tense is established by adding “ed” at the end of the original verb. Unlike irregular verbs, this is a way to transform a regular verb into a past tense form in English tense lessons ( such as sneak or crochet).

In addition to the tense verb, here are other verb forms and tense sentences from demo:


Simple / Indefinite Present Tense I/You/We/They demo.

He/She/It demos.

Present Continuous Tense I am demoing.

You/We/They are demoing.

He/She/It is demoing.

Present Perfect Tense I/You/We/They have demoed.

He/She/It has demoed.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense I/You/We/They have been demoing.

He/She/It has been demoing.

Simple Past Tense I/You/We/They demoed.

He/She/It demoed.

Past Continuous Tense I/He/She/It was demoing.

You/We/They were demoing.

Past Perfect Tense I/He/She/It/You/We/They had demoed.
Past Perfect Continuous Tense I/He/She/It/You/We/They had been demoing.
Simple Future Tense I/He/She/It/You/We/They shall/will demo.
Future Continuous Tense I/He/She/It/You/We/They shall/will be demoing
Future Perfect Tense I/He/She/It/You/We/They shall/will have demoed
Future Perfect Continuous Tense I/He/She/It/You/We/They shall/will have been demoing


How Do You Spell Demoed?

Demoed (the past tense of demo) is spelled D-E-M-O-E-D. One way to remember how to spell this word is to use a double D and E.

What Is The Demo Definition? How To Use It

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the verb “demo” has only one meaning. “Demo” means using something to demonstrate its capabilities or test it out for oneself. For instance, “All buyers of this software can demo it before paying the full charge.” You can check the above dictionary to read plenty of examples using this word.

However, many people use the “demo” verb with another meaning. When this verb is used, it means that (a song or musical piece) will be used as a sample of the artist’s or band’s work or as a rehearsal for a full recording. For example, “Blackpink, a K-pop girl group, has demoed a new song for their next album.”

Practice Exercises

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Past Tense Of Demo

You have to choose matching verbs to complete sentences:

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All of the songs on the final track listing are… beforehand, and we can download them in MP3.

2 / 5

The company's research center director … a prototype fuel cell phone in June of 2004.

3 / 5

Many companies usually …. the technique at developer conferences.

4 / 5

The teacher … the questions in future lessons and provided lesson materials yesterday..

5 / 5

This band … new songs last month, and they are ready to be recorded on demo discs now.

Your score is

The average score is 30%



Is “Demo” A Verb Or Noun?

Both. It is a noun and a regular verb.

The “demo” has two meanings in the noun position: as a verb or a noun. With noun position, demo also has two meanings:

  • Presentation of a product or method for demonstration purposes: 

For example, this brand typically provides a demo for customers to try before purchasing.

  • A gathering of people to voice their disapproval of something or march to bring attention to a political problem:

For example, a peace demo is necessary for this context.

What Does Demo Mean In Kpop?

A demo (short for “demonstration”) is a recording of a song or series of songs intended for private use rather than public distribution.

Whether it’s an original English song sampled in a K-pop song, a demo song purchased by an exploratory approach and adapted into Korean, or a song made for a particular K-pop group but composed by foreign singer-songwriters, many K-pop songs had their genesis in a demo.

How To Pronounce Demo? 

American and British people pronounce the demo verb in the same way: /ˈdeməʊ/. You can check this video to hear the real sound.