Past Tense of Cast: Casted or Cast? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Cast?

What Is The Past Tense Of Cast?

The past-tense topics are likely non-stop, typically the past tense of “lose” and the past tense of “deal”.

How about the past tense for cast?

The irregular verb cast share the same appearance in three forms: bare-infinitive, cast past tense, and past participle. In other words, they have all spelled the same way: C-A-S-T.

See the table below for an overview of verb formation.

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) cast
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form casts
Past Form (V2) cast
Past Participle Form (V3) cast
Present Participle/Gerund casting

Cast will modify differently in 12 tenses, following the standard conjugation rules, which can draw your attention. For more on how the verb changes depending on the passive or active voice, tap on this link.

Check out this video to learn more about “cast” in the past tense: 

What does to cast mean? What is the past tense of cast? – YouTube

How Do You Spell This Word? 

Refer to the online Oxford Dictionary to enunciate all words correctly, with British and American English accents.

It doesn’t take long at all to master the art of spelling. Take a closer look at the following table:

Verb Forms Pronunciation
British English language American English language
Cast /kɑːst/ /kæst/
Casts /kɑːsts/ /kæsts/
Cast (V2 + V3) /kɑːst/ /kæst/
Casting /ˈkɑːstɪŋ/ /ˈkæstɪŋ/

What Is the Meaning Of This Verb?

To find out what this verb means, it’s best to look it up in an online dictionary (Oxford).

You can quickly improve your English by studying the definitions and examples. Try to look at these:

  1. To smile, look in a particular direction.
  • Helen cast an alluring smile in Jack’s direction.
  • The actor has just cast a warm look on his sweetheart.
  1. To throw something/somebody somewhere using force.
  • The worthless jewels were cast into the river by him.
  • Up to now, the total assets have been cast into the sea.
  1. To present or describe yourself/somebody in a certain way.
  • Last week, Maria cast herself as the naive student of a renowned college.
  • Minia had cast herself as the potential freshman of an overseas institute.
  1. To opt for actors to play different parts or a particular role in a play or film editing.
  • The director cast the new actor as an ambitious doctor in the soon-to-go movie last Friday.
  • Mr.Britch had cast the new actors for the opening role.
  1. To vote for something/somebody.
  • How many people cast their ballots?
  • Half of the audience had cast for him.
  1. To do, suggest, or say something, making people doubt something or assume someone isn’t honest.
  • The Kingdom’s economic future was cast into doubt.
  • For one month, the country’s future economy has been cast into doubt.
  1. To make a shadow, light appears in a specific place.
  • The sun cast a yellow glow over these mountains.
  • I remember that the trees had cast a shadow, and the backdrop appeared beautifully.

Vocabulary Quiz

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Past Tense Of Cast

Following your successful completion of the "cast" command, you may go on to the following quick exercises:

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Anger awoke her from the odd spell he seemed to ……………. over her.

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They ………….. several glances and appeared as interested in her as they were in looking past her.

3 / 7

There is but one cloud in my sky at present, but that one …………. a dark shadow over my life, and makes me very anxious at times.

4 / 7

Receiving thirty pieces of silver, he ………… into the temple treasury and breaks the staff " Union," i.e.

5 / 7

The sun was …………….. its last orange rays into the sky when they loaded onto the wagon and headed into the field.

6 / 7

No evidence of smelting ores with fluxes is offered, but ………. from metal melted in open fires is assumed.

7 / 7

This is done chiefly by ………. the steel at a relatively low temperature and limiting the quantity of manganese and silicon it contains.

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What Is The Casted Definition?

“Casted” has no meaning as it doesn’t exist in English. Many often use this word correctly instead of the correct form “cast” (past tense of cast).

Is Casted A Word?

It is proper to use the past tense “cast”. “Casted” is an improper past tense English conjugation of “cast”. Keep it in mind!

Past Tense For Cast: Cast Or Casted?

As aforementioned, “casted” is not the correct form. You must use “cast” as the past simple and past participle of “cast”.

Is Cast Just A Verb? 

“Cast” can emerge in sentences as a noun or a verb. You’ve known the cast meaning in the above section. As a noun, it can come up with some meanings as below:

  1. An act of throwing something (notably a fishing line).
  2. A case made of plaster of Paris covers a broken bone and protects it.
  3. The way that a thing or person appears.
  4. A container with a specific shape used to make an object.
  5. All the people who act in a film or play.