Past Tense Of Bury: Burried Or Buried? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Bury?

It’s pretty simple regarding the past tense of regular verbs. It’s undoubtedly that they’re never as rocky and thorny as irregular verbs (like the verb hang and the verb glide) as for the verb tenses.

Let us come to a new lesson with a regular verb: bury. 

What is the bury past tense?

Long answer short: It’s buried. Amazingly, the verb’s simple past and past participle forms look the same – buried – which is spelled B-U-R-I-E-D.

It’s also part and parcel of grasping all five verb forms, as depicted in this table.

Base Form/Derived Form (V1) bury
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form (V2) buries
Past Form (V3) buried
Past Participle Form (V4) buried
Present Participle/Gerund (V5) burying

How To Pronounce English Verbs Correctly?

Can’t get enough of the knowledge in the above section? Yes. That’s right! Learning how to enunciate these verb forms will make sense. 

Are you ready to embark on the journey? Worry not! It’s easy to practice them following the American English and British accents.

Form of word


British English

American English
bury /ˈberi/



/ˈberiz/ /ˈberiz/
buried (V3) /ˈberid/


buried (V4)

/ˈberid/ /ˈberid/
burying /ˈberiɪŋ/


How About The Bury Definition?

The most enticing part is yet to come. Here comes a list of all meanings of the verb bury. 

Interestingly, we refer to the reliable online Dictionary Oxford. It’s time to learn them by heart:

  1. To put one thing deeply into something else.
  • Jimmy takes the stroll, and his hands bury in two pockets.
  • Jimmy took the stroll, and his hands were buried in two pockets.
  • Jimmy had taken the stroll, and his hands buried in two pockets.

2. To hide or ignore a mistake, a feeling, etc.

  • Today, I know how to bury my pains.
  • Today, I buried my pains as I never want my parents to get on their nerves.
  • He had buried his pains and feelings as he’s an introvert.

3. To cover one thing so that nobody can see it.

  • The rookie buries his hands in the sand so that nobody sees them.
  • The rookie buried his hands in the sand so that nobody saw them.
  • The rookie had buried his hands in the sand so nobody could see them.

4. To cover something/somebody with rocks, soil, leaves, etc.

  • They try to bury the construction under 20 feet of snow.
  • They buried the construction under 20 feet of snow.
  • They had buried the construction under 20 feet of snow.

5. To hide stuff in the ground.

  • The alumni bury a time capsule consisting of countless secrets.
  • The alumni buried a time capsule consisting of countless secrets.
  • The alumni had buried a time capsule consisting of countless secrets.

6. To lose someone by death.

  • They are burying three unlucky children.
  • Yesterday, they buried three unlucky children.
  • Since 2020, they have buried three unlucky children.

7. To put a dead person or animal in the ground.

  • Eventually, they all decide to bury their ambitions and love.
  • Eventually, they all buried their ambitions and love.
  • They had buried their ambitions and love.

Simple Questions: A List Of Question Words!

Have some quick homework done:

  1. The story was ………………….. at the back of the paper.

a. buried   b. buries   c. burying   d. bury

2. Heberle confirms the mains will be ………………….. between 36 and 44 inches deep.

a. buries   b. buried   c. bury   d. burying


  • A (buried – passive voice)
  • B (buried – passive voice)


Is Bury An Irregular Verb?

No. Bury is just a regular verb. In other words, you just need to put -ed after the base form when modifying it in the simple past or past participle (buried).

Which Is Correct: Burried Or Buried?

Buried is correct as per the past tense of bury. Don’t get confused when using these two words. In fact, “burried” does not exist in the English language. 

How Do You Spell Buried?

It’s a breeze! You can spell it B-U-R-I-E-D.

What Are Synonyms For Bury?

  • deposit
  • entomb
  • plant
  • embalm
  • enshrine
  • inhume
  • inter
  • mummify
  • consign to grave
  • cover up
  • ensepulcher
  • hold last rites for
  • hold services for
  • inearth
  • inurn
  • lay out
  • put away
  • put six feet under
  • sepulcher
  • sepulture
  • tomb

What Are Idioms For Bury? 

  1. Bury your differences/the hatchet: ​to cease being friendly and be friends once again.

Example: After years of separating, our siblings are determined to bury their differences.

2. Bury S.O’s head in the sand: ​to reject admitting that one thing exists or refuse to tackle it.

3. Bury the lead/lede: ​to provide the most vital point of a particular story near the end (not at the initial).

Example: Unlucky, she buried the lead in her story’s last sentence.

Is It Bury Or Buried?

The correct answer is “Is it buried”. To explain, it’s the passive voice of the verb “bury,” and you must use the past participle to form the precise structure of the whole sentence.

What Is A Buried Verb?

Yes. This is a verb, but a past-tense verb or past participle of the base form “bury”.

What Are Antonyms Of Bury? 

There are four words/phrasal verbs that can become the verb’s antonyms, and here they are:

  • dig out
  • disinter
  • exhume
  • resurrect