Past Tense For Skip: Skipped or Skip? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Skip?

The skip past tense and past participle is SKIPPED (S-K-I-P-P-E-D). It applied the ED-suffix rule, like the past tense of open or past tense of clean

Besides, this table will describe the other 4 verb forms of skip:

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) skip
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form skips
Past Form (V2) skipped
Past Participle Form (V3) skipped
Present Participle/Gerund skipping

How To Pronounce Skip Properly? 

How do you spell skipped? Have a closer look at another short table unveiling the pronunciation of all verb forms of “skip:”

Verb Forms


British English

American English
Skip (v1) /skɪp/



/skɪps/ /skɪps/
Skipped (v2) /skɪpt/


Skipped (v3)

/skɪpt/ /skɪpt/
skipping /ˈskɪpɪŋ/


What this video to learn more about its pronunciation effectively:

How About The Skip Definition?

As for the skip meaning, have a glimpse of this detailed list:

  1. To make a flat stone jump across the water’s surface.

2. To leave a place suddenly or secretly.

3. To move from a particular subject to another or a place to another promptly.

4. To leave out something that would typically be the next thing you will read or do.

5. To not do something that you often or should do.

6. To jump over a rope held at both ends by two people or yourself and pass again and again under the feet and over the head.

7. To move forwards rapidly and lightly, making a tiny jump with each step.

Quick Word Challenge: Choose The Correct Options

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Past Tense For Skip

After grabbing the past tense for “skip”, move on to the next section with a 5-min test. After choosing, check the correct answer at the end.

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  1. Certainly, we can all save more time if we …………. the part you ask questions. Be secured! We will just go ahead and answer them all later for you.

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2. If you want to ……….. a nap, you will hit the sack soon in the evening.

3 / 5

3. Not only had Mary ………….. rough traffic, but she had also caught up with Jim before his plane took off.

4 / 5

4. His heart …………. a beat at the moment he met her.

5 / 5

5. If he ……….. this meeting, the board of directors will kick him out.

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Is “Skip” A Verb Or A Noun?

Both are correct. You’ve known all the meanings of the verb “skip”. So, here are all the meanings of its countable noun:

  1. A giant open container for putting broken, old building materials, rubbish, to name a few.
  2. ​A skipping movement.

“Is It Skipped” vs. “Is It Skip”: Which Is Correct?

“Is it skipped” is correct as this phrase uses passive voice with the past participle of “skip” – SKIPPED. In other words, “is it skip” fails in grammar criteria.

What Are Some Idioms Using Skip?

  1. Skip it: To tell somebody rudely that you do not want to repeat what you have said about something.
  2. Somebody’s heart skips/misses a beat: To say that someone has a sudden feeling of excitement, fear, and so on.
  3. Skip/jump bail: To fail to appear at the trial after you have paid money to be able to go free.

What Is The Synonym For Skip?

Here are some synonyms for the verb skips: 

Bound, hop, leap, scamper, fly, dance, glance, ricochet, scoot, skitter, pass up, get over, escape, eschew, bob, bolt, caper, buck, canter, omit, disregard, bypass, ignore, overlook, forgo, avoid, neglect, leave out, dispense, pass over, miss, cut out, skim over, miss out on, etc.

What Are The Antonyms Of Skip?

Here comes a series of skip’s antonyms: 

Meet, encounter, face, wait, stand, take on, shuffle, stumble, stomp, stamp, shamble, pound, struggle, toil, stay, continue, go on, come on, prolong, keep up, maintain, retain, keep, keep on, run on, pursue, persist, carry on.