Past Tense for Send: Sended or Sent? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense For Send?

While the past tense of “arise” converted from its base verb sounds easy, you may pose the question: can the same be done with “send”?

What is the past tense of send?

 “Send” is an irregular verb with the base form S-E-N-D in the present tense and S-E-N-T in the past and past participle. The difference lies in the last character. 

Send past participle is lookalike send in past tense, interestingly.

Let GrammarWiki walk you through the verb construction by seeing the table below.

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) send
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form sends
Past Form (V2) sent
Past Participle Form (V3) sent
Present Participle/Gerund sending

Let a far-out short video clarify how to use “sent” and “sent” appropriately:

Easy Tricks to Correctly use Send and Sent! English Grammar Lessons with examples. Present vs Past – YouTube

A total of 12 different verb tenses of “send” – do you feel interested? Tab this link to dive into the differences between the send verb forms used in passive and active voices.

How Do You Pronunciate “Send” Precisely? 

To master the accurate pronunciation of this verb, refer to the online Oxford Dictionary in British and American English styles. Learning how to spell doesn’t take long at all with this table below:

Verb Forms Pronunciation
British English language American English


send /send/ /send/
sends /sendz/ /sendz/
sent /sent/ /sent/
sent /sent/ /sent/
sending /ˈsendɪŋ/ /ˈsendɪŋ/

What Is The Meaning Of Send Past Tense?

Find the definition of this verb in a dictionary, preferably one you can look up online.

You can quickly boost your English performance by studying the definitions and examples. Look at these:

  1. To tell somebody to do something or go somewhere.
  • They sent us on a course last weekend.
  • The whole class had been sent to the nearby college.
  1. To tell somebody something by sending them a message.
  • Grande sent my mother a photo yesterday.
  • I have just sent my mother a message about my imminent thesis.
  1. To be taken to a place or make something go, notably by email address, post, radio, etc.
  • Hundreds of users sent posts on Thursday.
  • A few users had sent feedback via the store’s email since Friday.
  1. To make something/somebody move quickly or suddenly.
  • That act sent her into pain, shooting up her injuries.
  • That incident had sent her downbeat in no time.
  1. To make somebody react or behave in a certain way.
  • The story that she sent us was hilarious.
  • The gift my uncle had sent me since Thanksgiving was funny.

Vocabulary Quiz: Choose The Correct Options

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Past Tense For Send

The past tense thread has a wide range of subtopics for your preference, not just past tense of bleed. Now that, you’ve just secured the command of “send”, let’s take up a handful of breeze exercises:

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From here, he was to be …….. to an almshouse, for at that time, there was no other place for him in Pennsylvania.

2 / 7

The forest is full of demons out of Sasha.s head, and the Dark One may …………. more of its creatures.

3 / 7

Lucien Thompson …….. me a beautiful bouquet of violets, crocuses, and jonquils yesterday.

4 / 7

My sweetheart had just ……….. me a bunch of flowers.

5 / 7

But you ……………. him to get information about Yancey, didn't you?

6 / 7

The registrar ……… several confirmation emails to your primary contact once your domain is active.

7 / 7

The governor ………. a message at the beginning of each session of the legislature, and may convene the houses in extraordinary sessions when he deems it necessary.

Your score is

The average score is 59%



Had Send Or Had Sent?

Be mindful that “had sent” (past perfect) is correct, not “had send.”

Should Have Sent Or Should Have Send?

In English grammar, “should” plays as a modal verb, and “have sent” is the perfect infinitive of “send”. Hence, the former is correct.

Is Sended Word Correct?

Yes. However, it’s an obsolete past participle form and past tense for send.

Past Tense For Send: Sent Or Sended? 

The correct past tense and past participle are “sent”, not “sended”.

How About Idioms With Send?

  1. These things are sent to try us: used to advise you to accept an unpleasant event or situation as you can’t deal with it.
  2. Send somebody packing: tell somebody rudely or clearly to get away.

Will Be Sent Or Send For The Future?

It’s vital to note that “will be sent” and “will be sending” are the passive voice of simple future and future continuous tense, respectively.

What Type Of Verb Is Send?

This one is an irregular verb. Send is the basic form, and it can emerge in the present tense, the future tense (will send), and even as an infinitive.