Past Tense Of Bleed: Bleeded or Bled? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Bleed?

The bleed in past tense is “bled”. It’s spelled B-L-E-D.

To have the right past tense for the word, you must eliminate an “e” letter in the middle. 

How about the past participle form of bleed? Is it the same as its past tense? Yes, it is: bleed-bled-bled. 

In other situations, you will need to use a different form for verbs. Let’s check out the below table and write all “bleed” verb varieties in your note for learning: 

Form  Verb
Bare bleed
Present participle bleeding
3rd person singular bleeds
Past  bled
Past participle bled

 Let’s find out its pronunciation in this video and practice it yourself:

How Do You Spell Past Tense Of Bleed?

How do you spell bled?

Although these two words are pretty similar in writing, their pronunciation is completely different from each other. Here is how to pronounce them:

  • Bleed: the most challenging part of the pronunciation is the long i sound (/i:/). First, put your tongue high at the front of your mouth, spread your lips, and then make a long-voiced sound to produce the sound. Moreover, don’t forget the ending sound /d/.
  • Bled: this bleed past tense only has one “e” letter instead of two like the present form. Thus, put your tongue in the front of your mouth at a mid-height position. Your lips and mouth muscles should be at ease. Breathe out and let the vocal cords vibrate.

This table below will list down the official IPA of each word:

Form Of Word Pronunciation
bleed /bliːd/ /bliːd/
bled /blɛd/ /blɛd/
bled /blɛd/ /blɛd/


Definition And How To Use 

This irregular verb has many meanings mainly related to “blood”. Here are some main meanings:

  • To have blood loss, especially from a cut or other damage.
    • He slowly bled to death.
    • They bled a lot after they fought against these thefts.
    • When I first met Timmy, she was bleeding a lot due to the car accident.
  • To draw blood from someone to treat an illness.
    • Our doctors bled their patients to reduce their fever a long time ago.
  • To force a person to pay a large sum of money over time.
    • The company bled its customers for every penny they had.
  • To purge air or fluids from something to make it function properly.
    • He repaired the engine by bleeding a brake line.
  • To spread something from one region to another.
    • Because you didn’t keep the paint dry, the colors bled into each other.



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Past Tense For Bleed

Let’s complete these quick and simple exercises to practice English verbs and tenses while using “bleed”. Please choose the correct answer and check the answer at the end. 

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Jasmine repaired the car engine by ……. its oil tank.

2 / 7

Why did Anna …….. a lot yesterday?

3 / 7

…….. a lot without first aiding can lead to death.

4 / 7

They ….. a lot after the car accident, which made them faint.

5 / 7

When I came home, Andy was …… a lot due to slipping.

6 / 7

The game ……. its players for every money they had on many beautiful skins.

7 / 7

If you don’t keep the shirt dry, the colors will ….. into each other.

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