Build In Past Tense: Builded, Or Built? (Pronunciation & Usage)

By Benjamin Essek

What Is The Past Tense Of Build?

While the past tense of let or past tense of put stay the same as their base form, is it similar to build past tense

This verb’s past participle and past tense are B-U-I-L-T (BUILT). 

For other build verb forms, take a peek at GrammarWiki’s summary table.

Base/Infinitive Form (V1) build
Present Form/3rd Person/Singular Form builds
Past Form (V2) built
Past Participle Form (V3) built
Present Participle/Gerund building

How to pronounce “built” correctly? Don’t skip this clear and epic video! It will aid you more in using “built” appropriately and how to speak it:

Build In Past Tense: Pronunciation 

Let the online Oxford Dictionary guide us to pronounce in both British and American English accents:

Verb Forms


British English

American English
build /bɪld/



/bɪldz/ /bɪldz/
built(v2) /bɪlt/



/bɪlt/ /bɪlt/
building /ˈbɪldɪŋ/


What Is The Meaning Of The Verb Build?

We’ve rounded up all definitions and corresponding examples for the verb “build.” Let’s take a closer look at them all:

  1.  To make something, notably a construction or a building, by putting parts together. 

2. To develop or create something.

3. To grow stronger.

Vocabulary Quiz: Choose The Correct Options

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Build In Past Tense

Here comes a list of 5 exercises for you to practice the past tense and more. Have things done in minutes, shall you?

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  1. He’d told Jenny the truth as he wished for a romantic bond ……….. on love and trust.

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2. What if such hard conditions had ……….. up high walls about them?

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3. Brown wants to ………. a room downstairs for his company.

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4. Outsourcing a job or ………….. your machine is both Ok.

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5. On these websites, she ………….. the ins and outs of her idealistic metaphysics.

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Is Build Just A Verb?

No. In English grammar, “build” can act as a noun or a verb. When it’s a noun, it often refers to these meanings: 

  1. How something, notably a film or story, evolves to the most exciting point.
  2. The style or form in which something is structured, particularly a vehicle.
  3. A version of the software is produced, notably one of a series generated before releasing the final one.
  4. The process of constructing something.
  5. The human body’s size and shape.

What Are Some Idioms Using Build?

  1. Build castles in the air: A dream or plan that is not likely to come true.

Example: The kid felt eager to do the quiz for his sister, yet finally, he figured out that he was building castles in the air. The quiz was so nerve-wracking.

2. Rome wasn’t built in a day: A complex task takes a long time and shouldn’t be rushed.

Example: Be mindful that tactics can’t be done in one day or two. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Is “Had Been Built” Correct?

Yes, that’s right. “Built” is the past participle of “build.” It’s used correctly in the passive voice of “had been built.”